It’s Senior Subscriptions Time Everybody

Yes it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for.

Just when you’ve spent all your money on holidays, or should I say the three B’s, Booze, Backy and Benidorm, and you start scratching around for the odd pound coin to pay for a new pair of boots, some old fool comes up to you and insists you cough up £35 for your annual subs (£8 for Students).

The hard line is you have until the end of September to pay your Senior annual subs, after that it goes up to £50 (£10 for Students).  However all is not lost, to make things easy for everyone you have two other options other than the full sum (£35) in the form of cash or a cheque.  You can either set up a Standing Order with the club which amounts to the vast sum of £3 per month, or you pay in 3 instalments (£15, £10 & £10) over the next 3 months.  That’s me all over, a big softie at heart.

What ever you wish to do let me know so I can take you off my “to nag” list.

If you have a Standing Order set up you need do nothing other than check it’s still in operation.

Bye for now all.

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