International Tickets

The window to apply for tickets to the 2017 Class A Autumn Internationals (vs. Australia) is now closed.*

The window to apply for tickets to the 2018 Six Nations (vs. Wales and Ireland) is now open until the 28th July. All future ‘windows’ will be announced via the club website.

From this new window forwards the club’s international ticket policy will be firmly applied. The key points of the policy are:

  • Tickets for Class A internationals (Six Nations team apart from Italy, plus New Zealand, Australia and South Africa) are limited, so a process will be used to determine how many tickets are available and how members can apply for them.
  • Each adult full member of the club (£40 playing or £25 non-playing) may apply for two tickets to each game.
  • If there are more applications than tickets available for a game than a ballot will be used to determine who is successful.
  • Successful applicants will be able to purchase two tickets at a ‘set price’ of face value plus £10 (exact price will be based on the tickets available).
  • Once a member is a successful applicant (whether via ballot or not) they will not be eligible to participate in any more ballots in the current window or next (effectively for 12 months). However they may still apply for tickets and be successful if a ballot is not required.
  • At a later date additional tickets may be made available at ‘market rate’ (defined as the price offered by official RFU resellers). These will initially be offered to successful applicants, to take guests, and then unsuccessful applicants. We cannot guarantee that these tickets will be next to other tickets but we will make best efforts to place people together if relevant.
  • Tickets for Class B internationals are usually available on an unlimited basis, and can be purchased through the club at a ‘set price’ of face value plus £10.
  • If you purchase tickets through the club, for any Class of game, you will be asked to confirm that they are for personal use only i.e. not for resale, as this is prohibited by the RFU.
  • The number of tickets available for Class A internationals is at the discretion of and will be determined by the Finance Committee.
  • All enquiries and applications should be made to Club Secretary Mark Greenhalgh.

*As per the above description, tickets for the Autumn Internationals vs. Argentina and Samoa can be purchased through the club until 21st July.