I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille

Lines were learnt, Technicals were flown through and the odd Dress was tried out.

Yesterday a number of budding film stars went through the process of finding their best angles, no not of running, for the camera (as apposed camra).

IMG_4328Following the well laid out directions of the professional Director Chris Gaffey, a number of hard working Eccles players showed latent talents in the acting capacity.  This was all in aid of producing a promotional video for the up and coming beer festival at Eccles RFC.  What, don’t tell me you didn’t know about the 4th Eccles Beer Festival, 17th & 18th July.

In total we had nine lads taking part throughout the day, some doing a full seven hour stint.  It’s quite funny seeing pre-season (or was it pre-session) training being carried out with pints of beer instead of a rugby ball.

The role of AD1, AD2, and AD3 were all played out by, yours truly, fetching props, shouting at players, and generally getting worn out for very little reward.  OK, I did have the odd IMG_4330cameo as coach, on the grounds I looked the most like Sam Simpson (no hair was the
clincher) who chose to develop a case of stage fright and went and hid in the gym, behind Leon

The video is due to be released over the week end so make sure you catch it.

Big thanks to Chris for directing, Paul Lilley for the camera work with his two able assistants Chester & Matt and finally Antony Wright who made various props.  Also well done to Joe, Tom, Dave, Matt, Will, Glen (who did 5 minutes, a bit like his match time on a Saturday), Mark and Dec (who both turned up late, ditto previous comment).  We also had a guest appearance of Bambi by kind permission of Disney.


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