Heaton Moor/Bolton U10s v Eccles U10s

Following some very last minute re-organising, the under 10’s ended up in a round-robin fixture in the Stockport suburb of Heaton Moor in a combined game with Bolton.

As we are currently blessed with an abundance of talented players, we were able to conduct 2 games at the same time, meaning all the boys getting plenty of action!

So, we had ‘Dirt Trackers’ and ‘Path Finders.’ Yours truly took one team with Dr Dave ‘The ‘mend-’em’ Man, and DoR Bates taking the other unit! For this reason alone, the match report is split in two:

Squad 01: Jack (Capt). Alfie. Adam. Jake. Johnny. Jake (Tas). Adam P. Scott. Shayne.

In our ‘first’ match against ‘Moor, we had the pleasure of introducing some of our latest recruits to the club, and the game, … as well as being allowed to play on the first team pitch! Jack was handed the captaincy and showed his intentions from the kick-off with a strong run into the heart of the ‘Moor defence. His support was a little slow and from the counter-ruck, the ball was slipped to the winger who was never about to be beaten in a foot race to the line. The indignation was obvious and this galvanised the boys into a bit more of an effort, especially aroung the tackle area.

Eccles won a scrum on half way and Alfie managed to feed Scott who set off like a grey hound up the right. He still had work to do as the ‘Moor defence closed in on him, but a surge and a step-in saw him finish over the line for his first ever Eccles try!

From the restart, ‘Moor showed their resilience in attack with some strong rucking. Jack put in a lovely clean tackle around the boot laces to stop a sure try, but again the ruck saw the ball passed back in-field for a neat score. Jake, on his debut, took the re-start and gave it to Shayne who bumped two defenders aside before setting the ball for Johnny. With a mere glimpse of an opportunity, Johnny glides across the surface but, on this occasion, was tackled into touch. The game finished in ‘Moors favour but Eccles’ best was to come against their second Heaton Moor opponents.

Game II: on came another strong ‘Moor unit, but the Gorton street boys were warming to the task as our new boys found their running legs! From the kick-off Jack put a neat pass out to Johnny on his wing, this time no touch line would prevent his try-time! With a lead to preserve, Eccles looked to increase the scoreline and Shayne finally got on the score sheet with a superb score. Adam P came on for his debut on the wing and showed we have yet another boy with wings on his boots! From a free pass, Jake (Tas) hassled the ‘Moor defence and managed to secure the ball for Scott, now in centre, before squeezing his pass to Adam. A straight run is what we got from Adam… all the way to the line! Another Adam was also making his debut on the opposite wing, and came off the pitch buzzing! Some great lines and good support from Adam showed what an attribute he’s going to be. Well done!

The final, and best, score of the game was courtesey of Johnny: With ‘Moor setting an attack up, Johnny dropt his shoulder onto the ball as he hit the contact. He ripped the pill from his opponent, spun away from the maul and sprinted for the line! Wonderful try made from nothing!  Two games 1W 1L and some very positive aspects from the boys.

Squad II: Ethan. Ollie. Daniel. Maxwell. Matthew. Carter. Evan. Bailey.

We have our ‘Touch Line Technology’ to thank for the following info! (otherwise known as some good informative texts last night!)

Again, two games but this time two diferent opponents. Up first were Heaton Moor and what a finely balanced game it was. With Matthew in imperious form, a clean ruck saw Danniel feed Ethan, laying in wait on his wing! We all know what comes next….. Ethan set off from deep in his own half with two ‘Moor defenders to beat. The watching crowd would’ve put money on a covering tackle defusing the threat, but in true Billy Whiz fashion, the after-burners ignited and it was a clean score 1-0 !!!!

From the re-start, ‘Moor took posession to mount a quick response. They revealed their own flying winger! A great try put the score level within a minute. And this was to be the final score. However, this isn’t to detract from a great contest. Maxwell and Matthew paired up to form the wrecking crew and Carter and Ollie added pace in abundance through the centre.

Game II: …. against Bolton, one thing you can be sure of, at any age group, between these two fierce rivals: you will get a full-on contest! This is what we got! Despite the narrow pitch denying the wingers the width they crave, an arm wrestle developed up the middle of the park with opportinities limited to get the ball wide. This is the type of game Matthew, Bailey and Maxwell don’t mind! Matthew again took the ball from Danniel as he threw a dummy pass to Evan, the Bolton defence drifted to allow Matt to burst through! 

In the second half Evan got in the mix, linking with Carter before Ollie got possesion. Without the room to do his customary ‘weave’, Ollie reacted quickly to the imposing defence looking to put him into touch. With a reverse flick of the ball, Ethan caught it, only to pop to Matthew who took a direct route to make it 2-0. Some great tackling from Carter and Ollie, with Danniel constantly looked to get his big runners into top gear. Evan is proving to be a strong ball carrier to add futher threats to the opposition try line. 

This was a traditional style game of rugby which had the boys eagar for more! Well done to all the lads who played with great spirit and determination. 

Comedy Gems of the day: Bailey going onto the pitch with a borrowed mouth guard!…. Bailey comming off the pitch following the ‘Bolton Battle of ‘Moor’ to ask: “is my hair still ok?” A true Prop in the making! …..Dr Dave on his ‘sprint’ over to the other pitch to highlight to me who it was about to referree the other game!….. and this ‘other referree’ chastising the opposition coaching staff informing them it was HE who was the referee…. and “anymore of that, I’ll send you from the touch line!”

Oh the irony of it all….!!!

Training this Wednesday 28th Oct 6.30pm. All welcome inc new players!