Fylde v Eccles Junior Colts

ECCLES Jnr Colts v Fylde

Blackpool Road                23.9.12 – 12.30 pm k.o.              Att: 78


The sun was shining, seagulls swirled in the morning breeze and the smell of fish filled the air… No we weren’t atGorton Streetwe were inWest Lancashirenear Lytham for the away fixture at Fylde.  The pitch was prepared the lines marked out in invisible ink and Eccles had, as ever a strong turn out even though a few players were sidelined due to knocks and injuries.  Matt P (broken wrist) Lenny (silly hat) and Curt had a broken head but a bit of tape soon cured that.

Before we start the ref had a great game (that’s me covered!!) as the game began all the early play was in the middle of the park both sides struggling to take hold and exchanging possession.  A good kick to touch gained ground but the line out was lost so the vesting side couldn’t take advantage.

This was repeated again on 12 minutes as Aaron found touch right near the corner flag and a good line out followed by a powerful drive saw the Eccles forwards carry and down Lewis who luckily had the ball in his grasp.  Poor lad looked like a lone red sock in a white wash…! Aaron’s kick was pushed wide a swirling wind not helping.  5-0

Possession changed hands like Dave Bates changed his mind, every few moments nobody seemed keen to keep hold of the ball and sloppy play and penalties given by the ref, who was having a superb game, were stemming the flow of the game.

Johnny showed good play with a cutting run through the centre and the ball eventually out to Tom H but obviously he couldn’t see the line and stepped inside and was tackled short of the line.

All the pressure was in the home sides half and Joe Whizz standing in at scrum half jinked through but dropped yards out.  Fylde kicked to relieve the pressure but Aaron caught and returned a lovely dink of a kick for Evan to chase and found the corner again.  A good line out followed and ball out to Harry to Shaun but dropped yards out again.

Lewis caught a line out ball and tried to repeat his red sock impression but was held up by a strong home defence.

Poor home line outs kept Eccles on the front foot but they couldn’t make this count, this proved costly as a loose ball was picked up by Fylde and I’ve seen more tackle in the ladies changing room as they glided through until Tom H caught the attack but a (slightly) forward pass was gathered and downed over the line.  Missed kick 5-5.

HT 5-5.

Early in the second half Eccles again were camped in the Fylde half but unable to turn pressure into points.  Ball out to Aaron who fed Tom H but he was caught before the line with good coverage from Fylde.  Eccles mistakes were costing them, loosing the ball easily and poor decision making meant they were unable to take advantage and a grip on the game.  Loosing the ball in the ruck and not getting to the breakdown were all adding to Dave’s frustration.  The away support were getting frustrated as you could hear the moans and groans (and that’s just Steve’s belly!!)

Fylde found themselves high into Eccles half but Aaron’s kick cleared the danger but poor passing, poor decision making and poor tackling let Eccles down again and allowed the home side to take an gifted lead as the scored in the corner with only minutes remaining.  Missed con 5-10.

This seemed to put some needed aggression into Eccles but as the clocked ticked away a good ball through hands and as they looked to surely score the ref pulled play back for a forward pass!!!

Frustrating result as Eccles know they can play much better and were the dominant side but unable to make this count.

Joe ‘Whizz’ W stepped into scrum half well and produced some good runs… but Lewis’ try and continuous attitude and tackling makes him Man of the Match

 Match Report Jason Eaton.