From Blackpool Rock to Bury Black Puddings (except they weren’t but I’ve used poetic licence)

Eccles U13 v Bury U13

This weeks match report is lacking in detail largely due to the lightweight drinker in the Bates family (and I include my sisters and mum in that) having been celebrating in Blackpool the previous night, being kept awake by a drunken brother in law who had lost his bearings in the night and snoring like a  Blackpool gale having to make his way down to Eccles  – although I did remember the rock for my family. The coach arrived later than all the players, the kit was even later and Billy (or Taffy Bill) was still in Cardiff.

So to the game.

Well before the game, to the referee. A good referee should be unnoticed within the game. This could never be applied to Mark Dutty. He tried to put off the Eccles kicker by counting down on one conversion (Tom got it), missed a conversion whilst lecturing about foul mouthed Eccles players (Tom missed it) asking the hookers mum where his gum shield was (“in his bag”), teaching the hooker how to take the ball into contact (“do I have to carry the ball like this now Archie cos that what he said”). When asked was he being pedantic or assessed one mother said “he’s got nice legs”. Well that’s her assessment!

Just so we are clear, grateful to Dutty for stepping in and the general view was that he did a good job. I know his broad shoulders will take the above in good humour.

Now to the game – the try scorers were Tumy (“I’ve run 30 metres and my chest is killin can I come off Archie?”) Shayne (“I’ve run 45 metres and my chest is killin can I come off Archie”) Must be the water in Little Hulton. JC, Chris and Callan. All five try scorers had solid games – even my good lady said JC was everywhere and knew when we have a good un.

Everyone played well with noticeable performances from:

Tom – controlled the game and distributed well

Josh – first game back, no wonky leg & passed! Stood in at stand off

Archie – tackled, ran, passed, stepped – back to his best

Callum – “you’re no. 11 is good” Bury coach

Connell – best game so far in his short career

Chris – new to Eccles but demonstrated that a prop who can run & support is what all props should be – welcome to Eccles and thanks for choosing us.

Sean – “you can’t catch me!” A live wire all game. “That no.7 is unbelievable” quote from Dutty. I took full credit like any good coach should!

Thanks to Bury for a great game played in the right spirit. The best compliment was that the Bury coach thought our defence was brilliant and I actually think we can do more. Tackling practise on Tuesday!

Apologies if the above report is wide of the mark but that’s what Blackpool does to you. Never again!