Fooner’s Spight and all that went with it.

The intelligent and educated ones, notice the separation there, will understand the title of this article.  All others will just have to scratch yer ‘eads. 

As part of the build up to the festive season this year’s annual Xmas jaunt was to involve a coach trip to the Winter Wonderland of Wigan to watch Nick “Slider” Spooner take on a local Wigan lad in a novice Cruiserweight title fight, with a three figure purse up for grabs.  

The coach trip, organised by, the Ladies Man, Mark, passed quickly as we had a few attempts at singing by the odd fool on board.  To demonstrate how modern the club is in its attitude to the opposite sex, and trans-genders, we had a mixed bus load.  Craig and friend were dressed in their normal Saturday night’s outfit, Gareth Lewis and Black Matt were dressed as Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice and Greg brought along a young lady from the Emerald Isle he claims to have met in Oz.  I’ll refrain from any jokes about the transporting of Irish convicts before I drop myself in it.  Oops.  

After visiting a couple of the Wigan hostelries it was all into “The Kaff” to watch the big fight.  During the preliminary warm up bouts we saw quite a few agricultural workers making hay and the two ring girls attracting the attention of the younger ones in the party.  Don’t worry James, I won’t tell Hannah.  

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for.  In came Nick to the roar of the Eccles Evy, and with plenty of vocal support for his local opposition all was set for quite a fight.  Ding went the bell and the fighters came together for a few range finding exchanges, then with one frantic exchange of punches between both fighters the local lad went down.  The Eccles crowd roared even louder, and then the referee stopped the fight.  Apparently Nick had carried out an external nose job on his opponent and he could not carry on with the fight.  So there we had it, a technical KO inside one minute.  Not a bad day’s work for Nick, with a pay rate higher than some Premiership Footballers, it’s not surprising so many fools want to take up the sport.  Well done Nick, you’ve got more round objects than anyone else in the club, just for stepping into the ring. 

As for me, £15 for the ticket, £10 for the bus and it lasts less than one minute.  I’m asking for a refund, I was diddled somewhere along the line.  I want my money back.  Well at least we had the ring girls.  

After Nick’s fight we all quickly left to find more local hostelries and sample more of the local fare.  Then it was back on the coach at 10.30 sharp and back to viagra sale/a> the club to pick up the Ladies team, who had been having their own “cat fight” in the club house, and then onto the bright lights of the city centre.  

I left the coach when we got back to the club so don’t know too much about what happened later on other than young Matt in his first visit to The Ritz objected to paying £7 to get in and Jordan B had his drink spiked.  Some things never change. 


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