Fleetwood 5 – Eccles 1st 31

Eccles travelled all the way to Fleetwood with bucket and spade, and possibly wellies, in hand to see if they could continue their period of good form.  What I don’t understand about this away fixture is why we have to go via “Piccadilly Circus”.  On arriving the pitch looked in fair condition so one wonders what all the trouble was with the game being previously called off twice due to a “high tide”.

The game started with Eccles in the ascendency and pressing the home line hard.  Danny Holland came close to open the score with a penalty attempt which came back off the post.  From the ensuing line out a driving maul emerged, with even a winger joining in, giving old man Glen Cahill the opportunity to cross over the line for a try.  Danny Holland this time chose to kick the extra points.

With Eccles again putting pressure on the Fleetwood defence the home side were fortunate for their winger to be shown only a yellow card for a blatant trip on an Eccles player.  Soon after a fracas broke out, to be fair the third one of the game.  This clearly demonstrated the home side’s intention of distracting a specific Eccles player, out the game.  However the complement was returned, permanently.  You could say that summary justice was seen, by some, to be done.

From another driving maul Sam Simpson went over to extend the Eccles lead.  With the Eccles forwards in rampant mood, suitably supported by the backs, the Eccles lead was extended even further with a Simon Donavan try and conversion by the Dutchman.

In between all this we had the sight of the Griffalow doing a combination of a nose dive and fumble in one quick motion.  Then we had Simon Donavan doing an impersonation of Meadowlark Lemon, at the line out.  All he needs is a big affro and good sun tan to make it complete.

All this excitement took us to halftime with Eccles in total command, leading 0 – 19.

As the second half started it was clear that words had been spoken to various Fleetwood players who apparently get a bit of a bunce for playing???  Picking up their game they came at Eccles strong and started to mount a series of attacks into the Eccles 22.  Thankfully the Eccles defence was strong and they not only withstood the pressure they repelled it to the extent that they were eventually in the home side’s 22 again with Mark Greenhalgh claiming a try, and bonus point, from another driving maul.  This time the Dutchman chose to hit the post again with his kick, I’d be impressed if he had meant it.  This all upset one of the home players so much he ended up getting permanent marching orders from the referee in the form of a red card.

The game for a period started to degenerate for a while with the old man Glen making a cardinal sin of fly kicking a ball on the ground when he should have dropped onto it then dropping a simple pass.  This was all after chortling merrily to himself after the Griffalow’s mistake.  It’s all Karma you know.

With Eccles pressing again another hand bag session erupted resulting in a yellow card for an Eccles player, I heard claims it was retaliation or something like that.  Anyway Eccles continued to show their dominance with Simon Donavan being held up over the line then Joe (the gorgon) Dale driving over from short yards out.  The Dutchman converted.

With the game almost over the home side gain a consolation try to bring the final score to Fleetwood 5 – Eccles 31.

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