End of Winter Beer Festival – starts tonight

Just to prove my point, that is when it comes to second rows who don’t know the dates of the seasons, it’s started to snow.  Will this be a good or bad omen for the Summer Festival, if it snows at the winter can I expect baking sun at the summer, who knows.

The festival starts tonight at 6:30pm, a quite time with nothing special laid on other than the Super League on the TV (in the background).  Patrons will also have my charm and whit to keep them entertained.

Saturday starts at 12:00noon, slightly earlier than advertised as we will be having a visit from two junior teams from t’other side of hills.  When will it finish you may ask, well you need to consult the old man with the white beard up in the skys to get an answer to that one.

Sunday starts at 12:00noon again.  Last orders is planned for 6:00pm.


For those who need to know these things we will have beers from the following breweries; Bank Top, Batemans, Bath Ales, Blackjack, Boggart, Charles Wells, First Chop, Hydes, Marble, Seven Bro7hers, and Thwaites.

To find out the actual beers on offer you will have to turn up and see for yourself.  Please note we have 18 beers in the cellar, however only 10 will be on the bar at any one time.  New beers will be put on once an existing beer has sold out, so if you want to try all 18 you had better ensure what is initially on offer sells out, and there’s only one way of doing that.


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