Eccles unable to hold Oldham.

Eccles 1XV  0 – 14 Oldham 1XV 

Saturday 11th January 2018


15 mins  0-7  TRY Oldham; converted.

HT 0–7

75 mins  0-14  TRY Oldham; converted.

FT 0-14


Ok. Bite on a tea towel, this will not take long.  Dismal weather. Equally gloomy Eccles performance. Due to unplayable pitches at Oldham, the game was switched to Gorton Street and the pitch alongside the cheerless M60.  Eccles kicked off into touch, handing possession straight to Oldham with a scrum on the half way line. This was to be the furthest forward that Eccles would achieve for the first 40 minutes. The visitors pinned Eccles into their own half for the entire first half. Sustained pressure eventually lead to an Oldham Try on 14 minutes. Eccles toiled away but were unable to build any forward momentum.  HT 0-7.

The half time talk appeared to lift spirits and Eccles made a more positive start to the second period, but the game continued to be played in the main in the middle of the park which began to resemble the Somme. Despite an improvement in competitiveness and possession Eccles were only able to mount one serious attack which took them briefly into the opposition 22.  Eccles were unable to restrain their opponents and their exertions to even the score, combined with Oldham’s greater endeavour resulted in a second try late into the game for the visitors on 75 mins, which saw Mike Shaw and Sean Baines collide with the goal post in a brave attempt to prevent the score. The referee ended the misery shortly after.  FT 0-14.


1. R Owen

2. S Baines

3. D McManus

4. N Spooner

5. P Lillie

6. R James

7. C Fortune

8. G Cahill

9. N Newlove

10. S Long

11. W Parkinson

12  G Miller

13. M Swain

14. M Shaw

15. M Parkinson


16. S Griffin

17. D ORegan

18. Nick Morrisey