Eccles U13’s v Trafford MV – Away – 13th October 2013

Eccles u13’s travelled across the water to visit Trafford MV, who were putting out a combined u12 and u13’s team on this occasion.  Due to our lesser numbers Trafford MV kindly gave us a player to make it 13 a side, our thanks go out to Jack, who made a valuable contribution against his own club.

The game started with an Eccles kick off which saw Ben galloping through the lines to narrowly miss the ball catcher. The first half saw a strong Eccles Scrum working well together under the direction of scrum half Dan.

The first chance for Eccles came when Trafford gave away a penalty on their own 10m mark, from which David made a galliant effort to make the most of by smashing his way through three of the opposition before being brought down, but following a bouncing bomb of a ball in the ensuing ruck, Trafford MV exploded out of the melee in possession and stormed down the full length of the pitch to make it  5 – 0, missing the conversion.

The rest of the first half saw Trafford MV trying to push their home advantage, with another attempted burst down the wing being saved by a perfectly timed ankle tap from Dan.  Another forward charge for Trafford was stopped by one of many crunching tackles from Chea.  and the speedy winger was denied another long run by Ben as he managed to catch hold and introduce him to the touchline.

The game continued to gather pace and a messy tussle inside the Trafford MV try area resulted in an Eccles scrum, which Trafford overturned, but Max darted in like a whippet and stole the ball from under Traffords nose, popped it up to a charging Alex, who took it in hard and with the whole Eccles pack behind him, drove it over the line to make it level at 5 -5.
A fabulous kick under pressure from Matthew W sailed between the posts making it 5 – 7 for the visiting Eccles team at half time.

The 2nd half started with a fantastic display of passing down the line, just the once mind, but an excellent display of the work in progress, showing that it does actually work.
Both teams came alive with 20 minutes to go, Ben made some great tackles in his unfamiliar position on the wing and on one occasion burst through the line, making good progress with three Trafford players hanging off him, before he was felled by the fourth.

Another charge by Alex fell one metre short and the Eccles scrum seemed to have lost its power during the half time turnaround.  Despite that, there was lots of exciting free play as both teams went for it, demonstrating a tremendous amount of good tackles, rucks, driving and communication, the Eccles team went into overdrive, powering up the field, but they were caught short and in a final heart stopping moment the Trafford scrum half made a break for it, charging the full length of the field with the whole Eccles team in hot pursuit, Eccles were saved by a last second diving ankle tap by Captain Matthew W after a heroic chase across the pitch.

The whistle blew with the final Score 5 – 7 and a hard fought Eccles Victory.

The Man of the Match was a difficult decision with so many outstanding performances, but the worthy winner was Scrum Half, Dan, for his fabulous work rate and consistent hard tackles, congratulations Dan.  I am proud to say that everyone worked well together and well done to all of you for what ended up a very exciting game.