Eccles v Broughton Park. Sun 7th Dec ’14

Eccles Squad; Maxwell. Mathew. Finn. Seb. Ollie. Danniel. Johnnie. Jake. Sohan. Bailey. Jack. Alfie.

In a fixture reversal to accomodate the Colts Finals towards the end of the season, Eccles split into two sides to take on a strong Broughton Park. The weather was to prove our biggest challenge on the day however, as cold hands led to cold feet and players (and parents!) freezing on the spot!

Ollie opened the scoring in the game on the ‘top’ pitch with his trade-mark snake run starting deep in the Eccles half, up the left wing then finishing strongly in the corner. BP hit back almost immediately with a strong run of their own.

Despite the best efforts, the cold muscles just wouldn’t allow the boys to perform to the standards they’ve reached recently. Jack constantly took the ball up, but lacked the support needed to capitalise on the attacks. Seb had to rely on scraps of posession out on the wing, whilst Johnnie, Captain for the side, tried desperately to organise his players. Ollie scored his second after Sohan kept hold of the ball until help arrived. Half time came with Eccles just about in front but knowing more hard work needed to be done in defence.

BP then took the lead following the break before Johnnie pulled one back.

The second game saw BP’s other team take the field and this prompted the Eccles boys into stepping up the work rate. Ollie, suffering after hitting the turf hard (with his head!), passed to Jack who then went on a charge up the right wing. After being held up in contact, Seb was right on his shoulder to take the ball and spin towards the line for his first of two.

Sohan realised that he has a secret weapon with his powerful runs into the tackle, each time taking at least two defenders to stop him! Alfie got annoyed at his hands being soooo cold, that he put in a great tackle to stop an attack and as the ball was spilt, Johnnie snapped it up to take a diagonal route to the try line.

Our ‘other’ team was overseen by Dave, who reported the following;

The Eccles boys showed some tremendous committment into the tackle area, with Finn wrapping up the legs of the attacker forcing play backwards, and stopping a number scoring chances for the Park side. But it wasn’t just the defensive efforts from the boys that was to prove vital in their victory; time and again Jake (excelling in his role as a scum half!) supported Max and Mathew into the contact, to sweep the ball away to his support runners as well as going on the occasional attack himself! Between Jake and Danniel, the attacks came time and again and this gave our big runners the foward momentum they needed. Max popped up on the wing to surge over for a try, followed by Mathew who bagged a decent try count on the day! Bailey did superb and has settled in quickly with his new team mates, showing no fear in the tackle! 

All in all, a great performance from the boys who are improving by the week. It was a real test for them, both in the standard of opponents and the weather conditions.

Thats it for games until after Christmas. This Sunday 14th Dec, we are training; 10.30am (probablly) under the the railway bridge again!

Happy Christmas and hope Santa brings plenty of rugby kit!!