Eccles U9s -V- Trafford MV U9s. 26 Oct ’14

Eccles Squad; Ollie. Maxwell. Finn. Alfie. Sohan. Mathew. Jake. Etahn. Jonnie. Ben

Now this fixture is always a closely fought affair played with full committment and bravery, from both teams. Sunday’s game was no different!

We split into two teams, such were the numbers TMV are blessed with (though we had to borrow a couple of players to balance the sides out) to keep all the players occupied. So, this report is given a bias from the two games yours truly officiated in; The first MV side stepped up to set the tone. That said, it did take some minutes before both teams realised that they can actually play contact rugby now! The contact area was a little bit apprehensive and it was, ironically, an MV player, (or Metro-Eccles as Toby cleverly tagged them) –  that scored first following a foot into touch giving away possesion and territory. That seemed to push the start button for the lads and it was onto some decent rugby! Ethan carved in from his wing berth for his first of three on the day, with his lowwwww center of gravity proving too much for the defending MV.

Ollie and Mathew played it thorough the middle of the park as they looked to create the gaps in a crowded mid-field. Ben put some superb clean tackles in around the legs before showing his speed to win the sprint to the try line. Finn, time and again put his head where it hurts to stop the attacks before looking to off-load the ball out of contact.

In the second game; the boys had definitely ‘warmed’ up by now as Mathew readjusted his body angles into the target areas, bursting through and making the hard yards whilst keeping a tight hold of the ball. A well earnt two tries on the day for the big fella! Our support play was excellent with some wonderful off-loading from the floor or instantly out of contact. Ollie claimed three on the day also as the boys did just enough to edge the contest.

With DoR Bates overseeing the ‘other’ Eccles team, where again the committment was there to be seen in two close games. Jake continues to enjoy the tackling as Alfie and Maxwell looked to build up the attacking platform for Jonnie to blast off from. Sohan played in his favoured middle channel forcing the opposition down the flanks.

A real good contest played in fabulous spirits between the two clubs.

Thanks to Stuart and Jez from TMV.

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