Eccles U9’s v Heaton Moor – Home – 13/10/2013

It was a damp miserable day when we ventured out on our home turf against a strong Heaton Moor squad, but that didn’t put off the Eccles under 9’s, who came out fighting straight from the start in what was always going to be a challenging game.

In the first half Eccles showed the opposition how to keep hold of the ball, with some fabulous possession and lots of determined running, unfortunately despite three hard won tries by Nic, this wasn’t enough to overcome the stronger Heaton Moor team and the first half ended at 6 – 3 for the visitors.

The second half saw a change to the rules, by putting in a limit of six “held” tackles.  It is fair to say that this caused havoc with the Eccles team and the wonderful display of possessing and driving the ball in the first half, just didn’t seem to get off the ground in the second.  The team continued with lots of determined runs, but struggled to score, eventually getting there as Liam popped over the line to chalk one up on the score sheet.  The final score rolled in at 13 – 4 for Heaton Moor, a disappointing result but the whole team played well together, lots of positive plays, but special mention goes to this weeks man of the match, Nicholas for strong plays in both attack and defence.