Eccles U8s – Wigan U8s

Eccles U8s 15 – 11 Wigan U8s Sunday 15th Dec 2013

Eccles Squad; Danniel (Capt) Finn Maxwell Alfie Ollie Charlie Sohan Seb Ethan Johnnie.

An additional fixture to those detailed in the listing for this season saw a well organised Wigan side at Gorton street in yet another entertaining game!

The level of committment was evident in the warm-up before the kick-off with Danniel taking a blow to the nose which made his eyes water! Not to be discouraged easily, he took to the field for the toss-up between the Captains, blood seeping down his chin and glaring at the Wigan captain as though it he who was responsible!

A dab with the tissue and a plug to stem the flow; game on!

…. and what a game we had! Wigan came out hard and fast to take the Eccles boys by surprise for an early lead. They were organised in defence and swift in attack, with a tremendous ability to re-organise instantly. So, the Gorton street 8s decided, christmas or not, this was a game to show all what they can do half way through the season. Ethan supported Maxwell as he off loaded the ball in contact, to take a wide line using his pace to exploit the space on the far wing. Without Mathew, the center was the battle ground for possession with Alfie, Ollie and Maxwell making the yards and taking the tags. Sohan filled the gap just behind the three boys whilst our speed merchants exchanged their sprinting channels up the wings seamlesley! Danniel picked up a loose ball to jink around two tag takers and finish smartly in the corner. Wigan pressed and were unlucky not to cross the line several times, however, the Eccles tag takers hit form when it mattered. Ollie, Alfie and Maxwell took the count of five to see posession handed over for Seb to get the first of his two on the day.

The second period saw Wigan come strong again as their quick defensive line sprinted forward to pressure the ball carrier. Ollie realised that his side step, used to good effect this season may just be the trick to unlock their defence! A spin out of one tackle then a neat looping move with Finn (lovely soft hands Finn!) put Ethan in again. Alfie stood solid in the tackle area and complimented his own performance with a try. Johnie continues to organise his lines and his reading of the game payed off nicely for him. Sohan, never taking a backwards step, proved solid also. Charlie managed to blaze over the surface for a score on his wing.

The third and final period saw Eccles just have enough in their Christmas legs to stretch the lead beyond Wigan. Seb claimed his second try as Maxwell scored a cracker with a great body angle to keep the Wigan tackler just beyond reach! Ollie hit the plastic pitch heavily but managed to hold onto the ball… This angered him into action as he bit his lip! Two bloodied players was testament to this thrilling game between two well matched teams. Its not often we see players comming off the pitch, at this age, sweating after giving their all. Thanks to Lee from Wigan and good luck to them for the rest of this season. 

It would not be fair to single out any individual so far this season, but what is fair to say, is that these boys have improved so much in such a short time that its frightning! Each player is developing his own unique style and the team has a wonderful balance with a great attitude. 

From myself and DoR Bates; a very Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings plenty of rugby things!