Eccles U8s v Sedgley Park/Rochdale U8s

Eccles Squad; Danniel (Capt).

Charlie. Finn. Johnnie. Seb. Luke. Alfie. Maxwell. Sohan.

Sunday saw another fine display of junior rugby from three very good sides intent on enjoying the competition. As is the recent habit of the Eccles U8s, we failed to react first to the referrees whistle to start the game against Sedgley and paid the price by conceeding two early tries. With Coach Bates’ words stinging their ears, Maxwell led the charge up the middle where the action was before getting tagged. Alfie was on hand to alter the line of attck to pull one back for his team in the corner. Finn continued in his silent-but-deadly art of taking tags so cleanly, only he knows he’s taken them! Charlie continued his recent good form along the touch line when the ball reached him, with his turn of speed on one wing and Seb on the other wing, the game plan has to see the ball transfered quicker.

In the second game, Eccles took on Rochdale in a great physical encounter enjoyed by both sides! Rochdale took the lead after some great elusive running when their winger touched down in the corner. Eccles soon realised that missing tags would not help their game! Johnnie soon saw plenty of ball just playing behind Alfie who accompanied Maxwell in the middle of the park, as the pair began a strong looking partnership in the absence of Ollie. Maxwell then showed that he can too can do the sidestep with a lateral jinking run  for a deserved score  – this despite the referree shouting at him to straighten up! (don’t you hate it when kids prove you wrong!) 

Daniel added to the score with a Captains try.His work wasn’t complete yet though as ‘dale came back with strong running and great tag taking, Capt Bates made sure his team kept their shape. Luke contantly looked for the ball in his first game back and Seb nearly ended with a sore throat shouting for the pass as he persistently found space!  A turn over following the maximum tag count deep in the Rochdale half, saw the visitors break out and level the scores on the final blow of the whistle. The efforts from both teams was plain to all at the whistle, with both sides enjoying the challenge layed down by each player.  Well done to all! Thanks to Scot from Rochdale and Dan from Sedgley. 

This weekend sunday 6th Oct ; training. We have to work on ball retention and passing without dropping it!  Next game is away to Heaton Moor where we will need to be a bit slicker with ball in hand. As always; new players welcome.