Eccles U8s v Heaton Moor U8s

Sunday 16th Feb

Eccles Squad; Maxwell, Ollie, Finn, Alfie, Danniel, Charlie, Seb, Mathew, Ethan, Johnnie.

So it appeared that forty days and nights of continual rain came to an end as Archie Bates declared ‘games-on’ and arranged for the sun to shine on Gorton st! The only reassurance the U8s coaching team needed was for the boys to pick up their game and reap the rewards from recent winter training!

And it came…!

Heaton Moor travelled along the M60 blessed with numbers that we were able to borrow two players (thanks to Jonah and Rueben!) to even teams out and run with two games. The boys – at last – seemed to click before conceeding as Maxwell scored his first, showing good ball carrying in two hands and finishing in the corner.

‘Moor replied instantly with a smart try themselves as the tone was set for the rest of play. Mathew kept things tight in the middle with his tag count forcing the ‘Moor attacks down the flanks. Ollie scored the first of his tries with a now trademark ‘snake-run’ and Finn got on the score sheet with some neat finishing.

Now you realise that it is not protocol for either the DoR or Coach to single out individual players, but on this occasion I offer no apology in mentioning the flying boots that belong to Ethan! With his low centre of gravity, it made taking his tags virtually impossible, but given half a metre to attack, he took it! We think about nine times! Each time the ball fell to him, the threat to the ‘Moor line was ominous.

The second game continued in the same manner as the first, the exception being the tag count from both teams saw hand-overs following the mandatory five tag rule as their efforts began to see scoring opportunities reduce. Danniel led from the front and a delighful pass put Maxwell in for another score. Alfie forced the attacking players around him and Johnnie organised from the back. Charlie and Seb showed their pace up the wings to nail a brace of tries apiece. All in all, a great performance where all the players scored, ran with the ball and took tags cleanly. ‘Moor had their own flyers and were always quick in defence. The sunshine always makes for a better game and this was played in great spirits and committment.

Thanks to Dan (for officiating in the other games) and Steve.

Training this Sunday 23rd Feb 10.30am; and there will be sunshine again!