Eccles U8s -v- Bury U8s. 13 April 2014

Eccles Squad; Daniel. Ollie. Maxwell. Ethan. Sohan. Johnnie.

With just the bare numbers required to put a team out – (from both clubs it must be said), and Capt Danniel playing through the discomfort of an upset stomach (DoR’s comments of “well just get on and be sick then” must have inspired him!) – didn’t stop the Eccles U8s playing some of thier best rugby to date.

To see the hard work the boys have done over the last few training sessions come to fruition was wonderful at times. With Maxwell and Sohan under instructions to secure the middle of the park to release our runners to cut in on the support, the first score was not long in comming. Johnnie made use of the ample space given to him, but not before evading the Bury defence with a nice step inside to score. The second try was possiblly the best of the season. Ollie took it into the contact area to off-load to Maxwell who then gave it back to Ollie now supporting. Ethan and his ‘electric-boots-of-speed’ took a sciscor move onto the ball and into space through the middle that had every one applauding, including the opposition.

It wasn’t all Eccles though as Bury had a delightful speedster of their own in Harry. He constantly proved a threat and it was only the physical determination from Ollie and Maxwell that roughed up poor Harry and prevented him from doing more damage! After a word or two from the refferee about contact rugby being next season, both teams appeared to revert back to a cleaner version of tag rugby (yes I know boys, it is boring, but these are the U8s laws of the game). However, this seemed to shift the balance in favour of the visitors as Eccles began to give the Bury wingers far too much room. Two more tries saw Bury nugde in front, deservedly, before Danniel sneaked over the line then Maxwell score a cracking solo effort from the re-start. Again, Ethan and his ‘feet of flames’ scorched over the surface to score just before the final third of the game. Sohan missed very few, if any, tags and is proving to be a great defender and ball carrier.

With no fresh legs to introduce from both teams, the mistakes creapt in and it was from a knock-on advantage that Bury took the lead again. On a big artificial playing surface, its easy to run out of steam but, credit to both teams here, they all played to the last breath with emotion and committment.

‘Easter Egg’ of the day – (don’t worry as this becomes a meat pie when you get into senior rugby!) – went to Ethan who, despite a great all-round performance, suffered ‘radar failure’ after beating three players only to put it down thinking he’d crossed the try line, only to have the Bury player pick it up, run down the other end and bag an unexpected try of his own!  

This was the last home game of the season before the team gets stuck into what they’ve been waiting for; contact rugby! With this sort of committment, we have the foundations of a great team who are just beginning to understand each others game. After last weekend saw the first IV win the league, take note that all but 3 of that team have come through the minis/juniors!  

The next game is Sunday 27th April away at Broughton Park. 11.00am ko.

With the emphasis on next season, training will be starting early during the summer so please stay in touch and keep up to date with the club.      

The awards for Players Player, Coaches Player and Most Improved Player will be made at the Marquee event on 11th May. Starting at 11.00am prompt. All players are asked to where their Eccles tee shirts which can be purchased in the shop or online.