Eccles U8s v Broughton Park U8s

Eccles Squad; Ollie, Mathew, Johnnie, Maxwell, Charlie, Seb, Alfie, Ethan,

The U8s hit this game depleted through illness but still managed to turn in some of the best rugby played this season! It was testament to their committment as Mathew’s mum, Paula, actually brought his sick bucket along just in case a pitch-side chunder was required. It pleases me to report that the honk bucket wasn’t needed (to the disappointment of the rest of the boys!) as Mathew, along with Maxwell, controlled the middle of the playing area to force the BP attackers down the flanks.

A flowing game ensued with free scoring opportunities being taken by both sides. Eccles kept up with tradition by not ‘switching on’ at the opening whistle as the ‘Park centre scored too easily. Maxwell then took responsibility to squeeze in at the corner only for the referee to disallow the score as the ball was grounded short of the line. ‘Park then took the lead thanks to some neat passing before Charlie, complete with his new haircut, got his first of the day for Eccles. Whether his new, lean and neat hair style boosted his speed, we’re not sure, but his appetite for the ball saw him hungry as a starving cheetah chasing a gazelle! Maxwell finally got his name – legitimately – on the score sheet, only after having a second effort ruled out in the same vein as his first attempt; short of the line. His commitment is an example for others to follow.

The turnaround saw BP loan us two fine players as Ben plundered his first try in an Eccles shirt against his own team! The best score came after some tremendous handling and support from Mathew, Seb and Maxwell before putting Charlie in from close range. As the ‘Park defence took their tags cleanly, the off-loading to the supporting player was a pleasure to see!  They can do it when they want to!  

In the second game against ‘Park ‘B’ team, both sides had by now warmed up and ready to go ‘at it’!  Again, some great lines of running with some even better tag taking made for a fine game of rugby. The ‘Park winger bagged a third on the day before Ben, now back with his ‘other’ team, scored a cracker!  Charlie followed his half time instructions to the letter to compltete his haul with four on the day. Mathew crashed in with a clean score ( + a clean barf bucket and a settled stomach)  – to complete two excellent and closely won games.

In the other game, our Director of Rugby reports that honours went to Eccles. Ethan was on form with his elusive running and Johnnie, Captain for the day, led his team from the front foot, grabbing a brace of scores and constantly organising! Ollie nailed three scores with Seb, gliding along like he’s on wheels, scoring a deserved try! Alfie discovered a hookers agression for the game, aligned with the speed of a centre! This could be an interesting combo!

We’re halfway through the current season, and this team is getting better by the week! Keep it up boys! A speedy recovery to our sicky players. We may not have a first aid box for you, but we do have an (unused) ‘ack bucket !!

Training this Sunday 01st Dec. 10.30am down at the club. New commers always welcome!