Eccles u18s girls Cup match report 02/11/2014

As the Under 18 girls played against West Park and Manchester for a second time, the improvement was evident and it was all round a great display of rugby for all the dedicated parents who supported from the side line (especially in the cold wet weather!)
Against Manchester, the Eccles girls showed strength in their back line as number 10, Aimee Wallace bossed the lines of play well leading to their first try by Tamzin Elliot. The fantastic try saw Tamzin hand off two Manchester players in her way and sprint to the try line down the left wing.
However it wasn’t all plain sailing for the Eccles side as Manchester scored a try. Not long after this, number 8, Tysh Harper, stormed down the pitch, breaking through the walls of the Manchester defence. But as she reached the try line, she slipped and dropped the ball!
Not to worry, Tysh fought back and after a successful scrum for the Eccles girls, and the work of hooker, Rebecca Roden, Tysh picked up from the back of the scrum and ploughed her way through to the try line. Our next try was scored by Katie Macdonald straight down the wing after Georgia Cunliffe and Leah Morley performed a tactical line of run, drawing the Manchester defensive line and then shooting the ball to the wing. Leah also made an amazing run from the Eccles try line, all the way in between the posts but somehow managed to drop the ball! (which I must add, lead to a lot of torment from Trevor, coach, and the team!)
To top off Eccles victory against Manchester, Tamzin scored another great try right in the left corner, which was converted beautifully by Aimee Wallace. With four trys to one and all of Eccles’ conversions scored by either Aimee or Georgia, this was a fantastic win.
After a long, cold wait the girls finally played West Park. No trys were scored but the improvement in the Eccles girls was amazing. In previous games against West Park, many trys had been scores against us, however this game was a different story. Eccles defence was superb and pressured West Park into making mistakes. Line speed was excellent and the forwards were strong in rucks and mauls. The girls kept their heads up and the energy and commitment was commendable. There may be a lot to improve but the Eccles Under 18’s gave West Park a tough match.
Finally a big thank you to all the girls that helped the Eccles side, from Tyldesley and Southport.

by Katie Purcell