Eccles U16s vs Bolton (8th Dec 13)

Bolton V Eccles Under 16 s 8th December 2013


Eccles just about managed to get a full  squad of 15 together and were looking to regain their winning formula without any spare players when they turned out to Bolton  .


Play started and Bolton were off only to be met by Joel who was in with the first and second tackle, closely followed by Jack, the Daniels ,Bob and the   rest of the pack, but it appeared Eccles were perhaps a bit too keen and eager as they conceded 3 penalties early on and it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game.


A period of good handling from Eccles started an attack which see sawed from inside Eccles own 25yards up to Bolton s 25,  where there was a line out  which Eccles won off loading down the line to Keaton who after out running what looked like  5 defenders was in over on the far wing and Cammie booted over the conversion 0-7


Bolton responded with an attempt of their own but were met with the Eccles defence  ,and perhaps it was because of the  pressure Graidson was putting on them that  they fumbled their next push for the line.


Jordan was whippy round the scrum working hard to make sure he closed down any opportunities with his tough tackles. Joel got the ball and went on the front foot with a challenging run off loading to Jack , onto Wes but then Bolton against the run of play  were back on the attack with  break away try down the  wing , Eccles were caught on the hop and were punished for the two  missed opportunities to tackle  with a try but no  conversion  5-7.


The score was as close as the contest as the teams appeared evenly matched but what the score board didn’t show was the number of penalties that Eccles were conceding , to their credit they showed how they are learning to deal with the frustration and concentrated on coming back with attacking play , periods of good handling from the backs, forward busting runs and  individual efforts , like Omar s break from his full back position  , the perseverance paid off when a particular good spell of handling sent Keaton over with Cammie coming in to convert 5-14 .


Bolton came straight back with another try of their own but didn’t manage to convert it 10 – 14   then the whistle went for half time .


Play resumed with Keaton and Joel joining forces , and then when Bolton were on the attack  Cammie stepped in with a try saving tackle , Wes went on a break , Wiggo was in at the front of the line out with his move that continues to catch the opposition by surprise, Jack was trying out a bit of cool handling  , Danny Wilson was rushing for the line , and the pressure was building with all 15 lads pushing for the points eventually sending Keaton over for his hat trick  but the conversion wasn’t to be  10 -19 .


Cammie  was looking to gain ground with a punt up field which he chased and managed to tackle his opponent behind the sticks which meant there was a scrum virtually on the line , the pressure was on the pack, the Dannys Stephen , Goso , Dean , Wes , Jack ,but they won it and Jordan was on to it , Bolton were under pressure, and Jordan kept his cool,  passing  it  out down the line over to Wes who flung himself over for the final try, but Jordan was injured and no one really noticed the conversion wasn’t successful  final score 10-24 .


Mums view; a frustrating stop start kind of game , with Eccles following the play rather than dictating it , but despite the challenges they adapted and maintained their will to win keeping their composure and responded with perseverance and periods of good play which converted into points on the board . And of course we all hope Jordan s ok and along with Paddy and Nathan back to full fitness asap .