Eccles U13’s v Sedgley Park – 29th September 2013

A better late than never recap, but just a quick line to give the lads some feedback.

The boys played much more as a team rather than individuals and showed some good attacking and defensive work, plus did better at getting the ball out of the scrum.

One important point for the boys to remember is to tackle round the opponents legs as that way they can’t run!

After the game, the Sedgley coach complimented our team on an excellent spirited and determined performance, saying that his team “got lucky” as they have a couple of wingers with pace, (a regular issue for us) but he thought the rest of the team were pretty well matched and Eccles gave them a tremendous game.

This match gave a lot more positive points than negative ones and it was good to see the “all for one” and “one for all” attitude reflected in the performance, with the resilience and determination really shining through.

Overall this was a much better performance, keep it up.

Well done to EVERYONE for the team effort that was put in.