Eccles U11s vs Ashton on Mersey (Away) – 2nd October 2016

It was the first game of the new season… The previous week’s training of roughly shoving groceries into shopping bags paid off surprisingly well…

Now, a quick disclaimer for any minor inaccuracies in today’s match report. In all readiness for the upcoming winter months and knowing I soon won’t be able to feel my fingers pitchside, I thought I’d give dictation software a try. However, I hadn’t anticipated the tech gremlins deciding to corrupt the memory card, so I’m having to rely on my memory (which is dodgy at the best of times). All my apologies if it’s a bit short and I screw this up completely!

Gorton Street Crew Vs Ashton on Mersey

Lucas (captain), Scott, Shayne, Ethan, Jack, Matthew, Maxwell, Carter, Olly, Finn, Jake, Evan, Johnny, Danniel, Adam, Tom, Alfie

First Half (of three)

With many of the boys playing practice rugby (League) over the summer, skills were sharp and the team was looking good. Lots of passing (and, importantly, catching) made for a great start to the match.

Eccles were playing a strong attacking game and were doing well to maintain a good position in the line, while Ashton were being drawn into the ball and leaving space. It wasn’t long before Ashton were being punished down the wings by our wingers, and overrun in the middle by our bigger lads driving through the mauls. It might have been a bit of a tighter game if Ashton were a bit quicker with the ball recovery, but thankfully they were as slow as we were at rucking over. 5-0

Second Half

The second half saw fresh legs on the Eccles side but Ashton, having only 9 players, had little scope to rest. Little did it matter as Ashton’s big guy made his mark, rucking over and holding back three of our players at a time, giving his team the opportunity to break through and narrow Eccles’ lead to 6-4.

Third(!) Half

Lacking stamina into the final ‘half’ Ashton were on the back foot again, overwhelmed by the speed and power of the Eccles boys. The tries came from all angles adding another six to the tally without answer, ending the game a well earned 12-4.

Overall the boys showed some great skills and played an entertaining game.

Next week

With our original fixture, Broughton, playing in a tournament, we’ll be playing two teams at home instead. I’m sure there will be plenty of tries scored, so be there for 10.15!