Eccles U10s vs Sedgley Park (Home) – 17th April 2016

Blessed with decent weather and a good turn out, the Eccles U10s played host to both Sedgley Park and Broughton. With 14+ players on each team, the teams were split in two to give everyone as much game time as possible. It wasn’t long before the boys could only hope that it would be over quickly…

Team Flem Vs Sedgley Park

(10) Scott, (2) Jake H, (3) Maxwell, (4) Carter, (7) Ollie, (11) Ethan, (13) Finn M, (15) Lucas (captain)

Game One

It was only a few weeks ago that someone mentioned that the boys were playing so well there weren’t many clubs that could offer a challenge. They must share some genes with Murray Walker as we’ve lost every game since!

Today’s offering saw our lads overrun by a well-organised Sedgley side. With good passing of the ball down the line, throwing in the occasional switch, and some tactical mauling, Sedgley made short work of our attack and defence. The Eccles boys did well to hold on to the ball as long as they did, but Sedgley’s plans of holding our attacker up and not letting them hit the floor so they could rip the ball lost us possession time and again.

It wasn’t long before the opening tries were scored and the flicker of hope died prematurely within the team. Heads went down and motivation waned giving Sedgely a distinct advantage on which they capitalised.

At 4-8 on the final whistle, all we could do was consign it to history and look for revenge in the next game…

Game Two

Last week’s match had a reasonable start, awful middle, and a decent finish. Today’s second game against the Tigers’ other team was much the same, if you take out the reasonable start and the decent finish…

I usually make notes as the game progresses, but my paper is unusually devoid of any notes – just an incremental tally of Sedgley’s scores. It was almost a whitewash but not for a cheeky Eccles try amidst the one-way traffic coming from the Sedgley end.

The highlight of the game for me was that Taz didn’t break any bones. He does some great tackling and in this game took down one of the largest players we’ve ever played – who promptly fell on him. It looked painful, and many a breath was held on the sidelines until Taz resurfaced, and carried on regardless.

A final score this time of 1-7. Moving quickly on…

Team Chester Vs Broughton Park

(1) Bailey,  (6) Evan, (12) Johnny, (18) Alfie, (19) Sohan, (20) Jake Y, (21) Shayne, (22) Matthew

The games played under Coach John fared equally as well, racking up another couple of losses.

Johnny unfortunately took a hit to the head near the start and had to sit out the rest of the games, substituted by Finn. He may have gotten off lightly though, as rumour from the shop floor has it that the opposition ‘play a bit dirty’. Judging by the number of cuts and scrapes on mine, who usually comes out of games unscathed, has made me wonder what was going on in those rucks…

Overall, not a great day in the Eccles U10s calendar. Let’s put this one behind us and move on, using what we’ve learnt today to put in a great performance in the tournament next week. Pass that ball, hold those positions, move up as a team, but most of all, have fun and don’t let the matter of a few tries get you down!