Eccles U10s vs Didsbury Bedians (Away) – Sunday 13th March

The boys were itching for a game after the Glossop Gladiators called off the last fixture. After a long run of rugby success on waterlogged pitches in freezing weather, the boys found themselves playing in warm spring sunshine on a dry, level pitch. Would these drastically unusual conditions prove to be their undoing?

Today’s Squad

(1) Bailey, (2) Jake H, (3) Maxwell, (4) Carter, (7) Ollie, (8) Adam P, (10) Scott, (11) Ethan, (12) Johnny, (14) Adam C, (15) Lucas, (18) Alfie, (20) Jake Y, (21) Shayne, and Liam.

Game One : 1st half

(2) Jake H, (3) Maxwell, (4) Carter, (7) Ollie, (10) Scott, (12) Johnny, (15) Lucas, (21) Shayne

Ollie gets the ball from the scrum and breaks through the Bedian defence looking like a certain early score but luck was on the home team’s side and the ball is knocked from his hand. It isn’t long until first blood is claimed as Shayne scores straight down the middle of the field. 1-0

Some poor passing by Bedians is punished as the nimble Johnny recovers the ball and  scores his first, 2-0. With the taste of victory fresh in his mouth it isn’t long before he rips the ball from the attacking team and runs unchallenged to make it 3-0.

Some great driving by Max followed, with the defence bouncing off him until weight of numbers took him down. With Jake in support behind Max, Jake recovers the ball and passes it out to Shayne to charge it home. 4-0

Lucas soon takes control of the ball and heads down the left wing. With great timing, he passes to Shayne before being tackled allowing Shayne to take it over the try line and claim the first hat-trick in the game. 5-0

With some great team play in the centre of the field and Bedians in disarray, Carter spots a gap to break through and get on the score sheet himself. 6-0

At this point, Bedians shored up their defence, and started putting up heavy resistance in the centre of their line. The rate of attack slowed with little ground being made by either team and their tactics appeared to be working… For a little while at least. Jake finds his gap through to the try line and make it 7-0 at half time.

Game One : 2nd half

(1) Bailey, (3) Maxwell, (10) Scott, (11) Ethan, (12) Johnny, (14) Adam C, (18) Alfie, (20) Jake Y

After a team talk and compliments from the opposition ref (“great game, great support”), the game was back on. As the centre of the field was being tied up, Coach advised the boys to concentrate on transferring the ball.

They say that sometimes the best form of defence is attack, and the boys were attacking with vigor. At each restart, the boys charged into the fray allowing Bedians to make no ground and giving them no time to get clean passes away.

Overrun by the great defensive play of Adam C, Bailey and Jake Y, the Bedian’s defence is hesitant. Ethan takes the opportunity to wrestle the ball out of the ball carrier’s hands and with a burst of speed makes it 8-0

Bedians get one through… 8-1

Ethan gets the ball on the wing and makes haste down the field, without passing options, he’s thrown to the floor, but before they can jump on him he’s up and running again. Two more times he’s tripped or knocked over, but it’s instantly back on his feet. Like a greased pig he scurries through the defence to make it 9-1

Johnny rips the ball from the opposition again, and passes it out to Ethan. Outrunning the field Ethan makes it over the line, only for the try to be disallowed. “It bounced off my knee but I caught it again before it touched the floor” he tells me. I need to buy him some stickier gloves.

Beds get one back 9-2

Adam P shows his stuff on the wing, weaving through the defence and supporting himself for a well earned try. 10-2

Alert for the ball, Alfie makes a good pick up and looks determined for action. It takes three of the opposition to eventually take him down, but taking a good position to the floor enables Adam P to retrieve the ball and runs to the opposite wing to make it 11-2.

Game Two : 1st half

(7) Ollie, (8) Adam P, (11) Ethan, (14) Adam C, (15) Lucas, (18) Alfie, (20) Jake Y, (21) Shayne

With Coach Paul’s advice to watch their positions into the tackles and get lower, the boys return to the field for a second game.

Adam P continues his scoring streak to claim first blood for this game. 12-2

Some great hands by Alfie gets the ball out to Adam who isn’t marked, running home another easy try for Eccles. 13-2

Lucas gets his hands on the ball but finds he has nowhere to run and noone to pass. With some great awareness of the field, he dashes back to safe territory hotly pursued by Bedians best. With perfect timing he gets a pass back to Shayne before being flattened, for Shayne to run it home 14-2

With Adam C picking apart the offence, Ollie retrieves the ball and flies down the wing. 15-2

Bedians pull a cheeky one back to make it 15-3

Alfie, clearly keen to score after his earlier disappointment, takes some dancing tips from Adam and tiptoes through the defence. No one’s going to get their hands on him this time, as he nimbly claims his try. 16-3

Ethan stays wide and is rewarded by a great pass from Carter, enabling him to streak down the length of the pitch to push Eccles to 17-3.

Scott continues to tackle like a demon, rucking over,  and recovering the ball. A tremendous work rate eventually rewards him with his try. 18-4

Game Two : 2nd half

(1) Bailey, (2) Jake H, (4) Carter, (7) Ollie, (10) Scott, (11) Ethan, (12) Johnny, (15) Lucas

With attacking options aplenty, Lucas makes the most of a ball to the wing, and turbo-boosts down the field to score again. 19-4

With the hosts flagging and our boys blessed with fresh legs, Ollie takes the opportunity to show his skill on the attack. Supported by Bailey and running uncharacteristically straight, Ollie breaks through the middle of the field to score his first try of the half. 20-4

As if to show it wasn’t a fluke, he does the exact same thing again, looking leisurely as he strides across the try line to make it 21-4.

From the restart, the Bedian attack feels the pressure, descended upon by a team hungry for the ball. They fling a lazy pass out to nobody, the ball hitting the turf and bouncing right into Ollie’s hands in full run. No one is stands a chance of catching him, taking a third try in quick succession. 22-4

And again… Definitely making the most of this half, Ollie does it again for the fourth time in a row… 23-4.

Finally, to prove there’s still some fight in them, Bedians get the final try through the Eccles defence at the death, the day ending with a high tally of scores. 23 tries against 5. Or 115-25 in old money.

In summary

Whether you score it as two big wins (11-2 & 12-3) or one mega-win (23-5) it has to be said that the boys played their hearts out today. Fantastic attacking play and great support of each other, the team were unstoppable.

Keep any eye out for messages regarding next week’s game (Orrell away?) and keep up the good work boys!