Eccles U10’s 8 – 10 Trafford Metro Vic U10s

Eccles Squad: Ollie. Danniel. Mathew. Ethan. Sohan. Jonnie. Shane. Evan. Finn. Bailey. Maxwell. Scott. Adam. Jake. Alfie

So the waiting was finally over for the Eccles U10s!

With a large squad to select from, thanks to our new recruits, the opponents for the opening game of the season were our near-neighbours from over Trafford bridge. As usual, the contest between these two teams proved to be a superb encounter, in this their first with rucks, mauls and scummage. Eccles gave debuts to 5 new boys and none of them let their team mates down with some great running into the contact area, and some lovely off-loads.

MV won the right to kick off and made the most use of it from the early exchanges. Their game plan was there to be seen but the power and accuracy they displayed in the ruck gave our boys a lesson in how to protect the ball. This was balanced with some wonderful running and passing, led by their Capt Louie, which resulted in the first try of the day.

As previous seasons have shown, our boys then realised they were in a game and stepped upto the plate. Max took a short pass from Danniel to crash up the right hand side, taking two players to stop him. Ollie was first on hand to secure the ball before treating the parents to his trade-mark snake run. 1-1 on the score board.

The Eccles game plan was simple: two phases, then feed the wingers! When they did try to put this into practice, Ethan took off on his feet of flames to put us into a lead.

With Scott on the other wing desperate to get his hands on the ball, it was only after he made a series of tackles that he finally got a run with the ball in hand, getting stopped in the corner by stout MV defending. MV came straight back, again after some superb rucking and were unfortunate to knock-on over the line.

Danniel was a constant threat from the base of the Eccles rucks, before taking a knock to the head and having to be pulled off under the new concussion regs.

MV then capitalised to take a lead which they never lost. It was to the credit of the new boys making thier debuts, and the experience of the boys who have been playing for a few years now, that the score line never ran away. Ethan showed his pace again for his second before Mathew bulldozed he way across the line carrying 2 MV defenders.

Jonnie came on to occupy his wing berth and cut a lovely angle to get his first of two on the day. Shane proved what a strong carrier he is going to be after constantly running at the heart of MV. Ollie tackled with great technical ability, persistently cutting his opponents down around the legs. Sohan, Finn and Alfie looked to build an understanding up the middle of the park. Jake came on for his debut and showed some great lines of support running. Adam put his enthusiasm to great affect with his running and appetite for the ball. Bailey looked to carry hard, and time and again, got his team over the gain line. All in all, some tremendous individual efforts and some hard work to try and get the team to play as a unit. It will come.

A great first game to introduce the boys to a new aspect of the game and all credit to MV for a fine peformance. Thanks to Smudge from MV. 

Nothing to worry about and, considering the number of new players we introduced, it is only a matter of time before this squad clicks.

It’s fun-time this weekend! The innaugural Eccles U10s Tour of Burnley and Rossendale Tournament. We’re all set to go and hopefuly, the lads (and parents!) will have a great time. I will provide a report back next week, but…. and all you seasoned tourists know this: What goes on Tour…. Stays on Tour!!  (as Radar used to say!)