Eccles Snr Colts 3 v Tarleton 37

I’ve noted that I’ve missed a few colts reports recently so thought I’d better get my finger out and make an effort.  After all the lads who are turning up and putting a shirt on every week are doing just that.  It’s been a constant theme this season that numbers are low, especially when we look at where we were last year.  Never the less despite all that is put in front of them the lads just keep on going, with gritted determination, to see the season out.

This week’s encounter pitched thae lads against a strong Tarleton squad of 21 players, considerably more than the 16 Eccles could raise.  And that was with only one prop, so uncontested scrums were in operation from the start.  We later found that one of the missing props had been kept indoors by his mummy because the poor lad was very poorly.  As the lad had never let us down all season you know it was genuine.  Anyway we had a Black Ops specialist on the sheet in the form of HGV Driver of all types, Private Mike Rothwell.  Not forgetting Fighter Command’s finest in the shape of Cadet Connor Bracken.

The opening moments of the game started well for Eccles, taking the game to the visitors and giving their all.  Alas, as was the theme of the first half and most of the second no matter how hard the lads tried and pressed the Tarleton line they were unable to register any points.  In contrast Tarleton were able to twice venture into home territory and register a try and a penalty.  The half time score was still close at 0 – 8.

The second half saw Eccles once again pressing for the line but to no avail.  With probably one too many quick tap penalties being taken scoring options were lost due to bold naivety.  The visitors were then allowed to break out and scored another try.  Eccles went back determined to get something out of the game and were rewarded with a penalty which this time was kicked by Reese James to make the score 3 – 13.

At about the halfway point of the second half the visitors’s superior squad numbers started to kick in as they were able to constantly put on fresh legs.  This had a serious toll on the lads as no matter how hard they defended the visitors always seemed to have more players in support.  The resultant effect saw Tarleton run in four late tries.  Final score 3 – 37.

A harsh score for the lads to accept considering the effort put in, but these are the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that turn you from a boy into a man.  Which is one of the main reasons we do this sort of thing.  One thing that is worth saying here and I hope they take note, “Failure is not being knocked down, Failure, is not wanting to get back up again”.

The supporting crowd helped the lads through the day with some of the senior players noting how well they had done, and quite rightly letting the lads know.  With two more home games to come over the next two weeks the need for commitment from the squad to see the season out and support from the club on the touch line is a must.

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