Eccles Snr Colts 14 v Waterloo 7

The last league game of the season for Eccles, against a visiting Waterloo side, and as with the first game, numbers were lacking.  However a few favours were called in and the odd severe hangover put to one side to allow 15 men to take the field.

From the start you could sense that the lads wanted it.  Determined play by all put the visitors under pressure which was soon rewarded with a Luke Cullen set move try which was converted by Reese James.  The Eccles pressure was maintained and again the hard work was rewarded with a try, of sorts, by “Sam the Lawman”, which was again converted by Reese James.

Now I’m not normally allowed to question match officials, however in this case as it was our own TJ, someone clearly needs to go to Specsavers.  To quote a fellow committee member it was a 50/50 decision, and yes 50% of him was out.  Now I always believe that fate has a double edged sword and the comfort of a two try lead gave the lads a false sense of confidence which would cause them to make ill-judged decisions as the game developed.

As you would expect Waterloo responded with true spirit and started to put pressure on the Eccles line and it was only desperate tackling by the Eccles team that prevented the visitors from scoring.  Half time could not come sooner.

The second half became a bit of a mess with lots of effort but little structure.  As is the way with young men, posturing appeared to be more important than presentation.  Periods of play were excellent but these were then spoilt by silliness.

As the game came to a close Waterloo once again laid siege to the Eccles line and again only desperate defence by the Eccles team denied the visitors until the last few minutes when Waterloo finally went over for a converted try.  With seconds to play Eccles closed the game out to gain a questionable but deserved victory.


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