Eccles RFC U10s versus Tyldsley RFC U10s


U10s Match Report – 25th February 2018

Tyldsley RFC vs Eccles RFC

Despite a cold chill, the sun was shining and conditions were perfect. The Eccles U10s had an away game against Tyldsley RFC. The boys had a great turnout and managed to field a full team with one sub every 10 minutes as did Tyldsley RFC.

Squad: Alfie, Alfie Mason, Conor, Flynn, Finley, Joe, Max, Owen, Sandy, Thomas and Tyler

After a thorough warm-up, Eccles were quick with the ball demonstrating creative playmaking from Connor and Owen who quickly passed to Alfie Mason who pulled away to stretch over the line to get Eccles first try in the first 5 minutes of play. The first half saw fantastic organization, motivation and strong team play with plenty pressure put on Tyldsley to get out of their own 22. A strong tackle and push forward from Alfie, Flynn, Finley and Sandy saw a pass to Tyler who calmly put it over the line to get Eccles second of the morning. Still celebrating, Eccles took their foot off the pedal and allowed Tyldsley over the line to score the easiest try of the match with little in the way of any defending from Eccles. The next bout of play saw strong defensive moves from Alfie, Flynn and Max, quick passing between Thomas, Joe, Alfie Mason, and Sandy and strong team defending – ending with a pass out wide from Owen to Finley to Tyler who ran to score Eccles’s third try. In the following quarter, there was a lot more pressure from Tyldsley but good positive tackling from Thomas, Joe, Max and Flynn kept Tyldsley at bay for a few minutes. Easily distracted Eccles took their eye of the ball to watch one of the Eccles parents to a backward somersault over the kitbags – followed quickly by Tyldsley’s second try of the match! Clever interplay between Thomas, Owen, Sandy and Finley and Tyler who passed to Joe who showed great strength but was just pushed out to touch near the try line.

The second half showed great team spirit and organization from Eccles with Thomas pushing forward, helped by Flynn, Finley and Max who passed to Tyler who scored his second of the game. After the restart, Eccles broke quickly to make ground. Strong tackles from Alfie, Flynn, Finley and Owen saw a well-organized ruck where Connor passed to Sandy who pushed forward to score Eccles fifth try of the match. Good retaliation from Tylsdley with both teams showing real defensive skills but Tyldsley steal the ball against the run of play to score their third try of the match. Eccles re-started by creating good, strong drives up the middle with Owen, Max, Joe, Alfie Mason and Sandy showing some strong defensive moves/tackles. From the ruck, a quick pass from Thomas to Connor, where Tyler found a gap to get the sixth try for Eccles. After relentless defending from both teams, Tyldsley spotted a gap in the line to score another try. Feeling annoyed with themselves Eccles respond well with Owen passing quickly from the ruck on the Tyldsley 22 to Alfie Mason showing clever passing to get down the line and score the final try of the game.

Final Score: Tyldsley RFC 4– 7 Eccles RFC

Men of the match: Excellent team play especially after the defeat last weekend with all players showing strong defensive play and good rucking. Flynn, Joe and Thomas get a special mention for playing the strong game today allowing our wingers a bit more movement – well done boys!