Eccles RFC & the RWC 2015 TV Viewings

In case you’ve been living in Darkest Peru, with the relatives of a famous bear, the Rugby World Cup starts on Friday 18th September with the opening game between England and Fiji kicking off at 8:00pm. The final is on Saturday 31st October, with hopefully one of the above mentioned teams taking part.

In between those two dates the clubhouse will be open, almost every night, to show all games. In short, you may as well get your diary out and blank out the whole six week period over which the competition runs.  Note some games will be shown as recorded viewings.

Actual Viewing Times will be posted below the TV in the club room.  All members of the club are encouraged to come down and watch as many games as possible, both at week ends and mid-week.  Mini & Junior Coaches & Parents are especially encouraged to allow the kiddies, bed time permitting, to watch the mid-week games after their training sessions.  Note suitable shoes & clean clothing will be required, or Great Granddad Ted will get very upset.

If by the end of the tournament you are not in need of booking into the local branch of the Betty Ford clinic, for a bout of Rugby Detox, you just wont have been trying.

During the tournament it is intended to stock the bar with a continuously changing selection of six beers each Saturday.  These will be selected from with a wide range of local beers from Bank Top, Dunham Massey, Seven Bro7hers, Hydes, Black Jack, Marble and First Chop Breweries. In addition there will be the regular Wainwrights, to keep the old gits happy, and other beers from the impressive Heineken catalogue.  In addition we have a wide range of foreign bottle beers for you to try, and Marie’s dodgy bottle ciders.

In affect you will have a six week beer festival to tackle, “Probably The Longest Beer Festival (cue Jeremy Clarkson) In The World“. 

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