Eccles RFC Summer Beer Festival

For those who were unable to attend the recent winter Beer Festival (you poor soles, don’t know what you missed), or for those who did and did not read the back of the small programme (which is probably by my reckoning is just about everyone) here is what was printed.

Eccles RFC – Summer 2015 Beer Festival

 Calling for Volunteers

In the words of the greatest strategist in the history of mankind, known to us all as Baldrick, we have a cunning plan.  The intention is to hold a bigger than ever Beer Festival during the summer of this year, in late July to be precise.

The plan is to have 40 plus beers & ciders plus bottled beers with the normal festival glasses, food and in addition musical entertainment.

This will be twice as big as we have ever done before and so we will need support from the wider club membership to help the few that have put this festival, and the previous three together.  A festival of the size proposed will raise £5k to £10k of much needed funds for the club, just at the time when the coffers are almost empty.

The club will need help in the following areas, sponsorship, marketing and programme, set up, take down, admissions, stewarding, bar staff and kitchen staff.  The first two roles will require input well before the event.  The next two just before & just after the event.  The later four are roles required on the day(s), however preparation for these roles will be the key.  In total we need about 20/30 volunteers to cover all the roles.  So if you fancy some fun and wish to help let it be known to Marie Wilson or Martin Parkinson.  A suitable reward(s) will be provided to all volunteers, during and after the festival.

Obviously, without the support requested, the Summer Beer Festival, cannot and will not take place. 



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