Eccles RFC Beer & Cider Fest – review & thanks

With 30 beers and 10 ciders on tap at ‘some point’ throughout the week end, plus 18 foreign bottle beers and Marie’s 3 dodgy bottled ciders, that was one ‘eck of a beer festival. You may have noticed that I have not even mentioned the 5 cask beers I had as back up in case things went a bit silly and levels started to get really low.

With a total attendance of approximately 430 customers and sponsors, plus volunteers, that was probably the largest number of ‘adults’ we’ve had at the club outside of a rugby event. No doubt someone will be desperate to prove me wrong on that score.

In total we had 2,450 pints of ale & cider plus 230 bottles, of some description, available for people to try.  As I cleared my way through the bomb site, otherwise known as the clubhouse, on Sunday morning I discovered we had 630 pints left.  I gave up counting the bottles as it became obvious the club’s new ‘flexible’ dip stick wasn’t going to work on them.

All recoverable beers on the temporary stillage were carefully transferred into the cellar, by two ever unwilling volunteers, to ensure that they could be kept under the optimum conditions (the beer that is not the unwilling volunteers). This resulted in 580 pints of beer still being available for sale to all.

For those who are good at such things they will have worked out, that means 1,820 pints of beer & cider were ‘consumed’ over the week end and, sad to say, 50 pints had to do the honourable thing and perish for a greater cause.

In descending order of availability (i.e. least at the top) we still have the following beers for you to sample.

Blackjack                          Belgian gold (5.8%)

Hornbeam                         Orange Blossom (3.8%)

Fullers                               Summer Ale (3.9%)

Theakstons                        Old Peculiar (5.6%)

Dunham Massey                Choc Cherry mild (3.8%)

Blackjack                            Stout (5.0%)

Dunham Massey                 Honey Beer (4.3%)

Wychwood                           Hobgoblin (4.5%)

Vagrant                                South Central Pale (5.6%)

Squawk                               Single Hopped Centennial (6.0%)

Track                                  Ozark (4.4%)

Seven Bro7hers                 Stout (5.2%)

Beer Studio                        Paddock wood (4.2%)

Millstone                             True Grit (5.0%).

Hornbeam                          Top Hop (4.2%)

Marstons                             King of swing (3.8%)

So if you missed out on the event proper, still have a thirst, or just can’t believe it actually happened, come down and try out what’s left. If you did attend the festival there’s probably still a beer you didn’t try. The intention is to try and ensure we have at least 6 beers on at any one time over the coming week end.

Of the 10 ciders & perrys we only have a few pints of True North left, this, according to Sue Bo is all down to the wonderful work done by Sean, somehow young Matt doesn’t quite agree.

The important part

Now I’ve dealt with all the facts and figures I can get down to the main reason for the post.

One Big Big Big Big Thank You, to all of our volunteers and sponsors for making the festival the success it was. Without their support it just would not have happened. Special thanks go to Mark G, Dave H, Chris G, The Evil Dictator, Woss S, Mad Dog, Shell, Bambie 1 & 2, The Thorpes, Matt & Will (the unwilling volunteers), James W, Sean B, Marie & her Maidens, Hilary B for cracking the whip with the DofE kids, Danny N for the music, Nathan from Seven Bro7hers Brewery for the “Meet the Brewer” event, “The Eccles All Stars” for keeping up the reputation of the club and winning the Tug of War Challenge, The suppliers of the Scaffolding & Marquee who didn’t even get a mention in the programme, only coz the ED didn’t give me full details. And finally, Carolyn R, who even on her, by now private, Greek holiday island, was playing with her buttons and looking after me. Alas, the poor girl is still struggling to work out what PCED means.

For those who weren’t there, can I suggest you look up the “St Crispin’s speech” from Shakespeare’s Henry V, as it saves me trying to paraphrase it, and make sure you are next year.


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