Eccles Naughty Step

As the present and, as I thought, the only likely occupant, I would like to warmly welcome Tim Eaton to the Official Naughty Step of Eccles RFC.  There is always room for those who care, or should I say dare.  Tim’s contributions have raised the bar and I clearly need to improve my levels of sarcasim and wit, so long of course that they are directed at the right deserving people. 

Tim, you may occasionally get it wrong, but any fool can write a match report, it just needs a special type to write a good one.  My final thought for all is to remember, a Prophet is never accepted in his own land.

Keep it up mate, your doing a great job.


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Before I started on my quest of world domination I was a part time dress maker, specialising in the larger woman. To succed in my aim of world domination my first plan is to cause social unrest and panic through subliminal messages in my match reports, so reader beware. During my long journey of life I have caused havoc in many lands, Geordie land, Cockney land and now Manc land. And this is without mentioning what I got up to in foreign rugby tours to USA, Canada, Holland, Hungary, Ireland & Wales.