Eccles Girls U18’s Match – 07/12/14

Manchester (10) Vs Eccles (15)  – Away

Report by Georgia Cunliffe

This game started off slowly for Eccles girls as the bad weather was causing some problems, with an early fumble from one of the girls, Manchester were able to pick the ball up on the wing and score a try right under the sticks, however they missed the kick and were only five up on us. Straight after this with a class starting kick by Aimee Wallace, Katie Purcell was able to put on some really good pressure and gain position. From a quick pick up by Megan Price, Aimee, Georgia Cunliffe and Eleanor Navin were able to gain some yards. Unfortunately the ball was turned over in the breakdown. With many penalties given in the whole of this match, Tysh Harper really stood out when she was given the ball from a penalty pass, as there were many times where she charged through, run over and shook off many Manchester players to gain yards for Eccles. As well as Tysh, Katie was able to get to the breakdown really quickly and retain possession in the rucks. After some real hard graft by all the forwards Megan was popped the ball and ran just over half the pitch to put down Eccles’s first try right under the sticks. A brilliant run where she side stepped, span and handed off at least five players to get that ball over the line. However Georgia still managed to scuff the kick leaving the scores equal at 5 : 5. With another try from Manchester that concluded half time at 10 : 5 to Manchester.

Starting off the second half, with a few position changes within the Eccles side the Eccles team were playing really well and keeping Manchester on their toes, in their own half. We did manage to get the ball over the line, but the referee said it was ‘held up’. However with excellent scrum work from all the forwards and a lovely 8 pickup, we were able to gain possession and get the ball down the backs line to Hannah Walton (West Park) where, with one last powerful push, she was able to put the ball down over the line for Eccles. After one shocking attempt at the conversion, Georgia attempts the second kick where she just puts it wide. With Eccles playing well Eleanor, Rebecca and Antonia were able to put some good pressure on the wings, causing Manchester to fumble the ball. With Aimee, Georgia and Hannah working well as a back line Eccles were able to get the ball close to the try line. With yet another held ball Eccles were getting so close to scoring another try. And finally out of nowhere, Katie managed to power through Manchester’s defensive line and score the final try for Eccles. With Georgia already missing two conversions, she wanted to prove herself. Unfortunately the ball fell short, but Eccles lead 15 : 10. With a final kick out of play the game was won by Eccles!

Finally the Eccles girls would like to thank the Southport, West Park and Manchester girls for playing well for us and to thank Manchester for another really good game.