Eccles Colts 45 v 0 Manchester


 Gorton Street                24.11.13 – 2.00pm k.o.      Att: 58


This was Eccles’ chance to progress in the cup against a Manchester team they had narrowly lost to earlier in the season.  They were down on numbers through injuries and Connor was on a scouting trip to view a possible next round opponent.  Not sure if Rome RUFC Colts are in the cup this year but he went anyway!!

The start was delayed due to a previous game where someone told the ref where to place his whistle but once he had remembered where that was the game got underway.

‘Intensity’ was the cry as Nick advertised his new fragrance range in time for Christmas.

The early pressure was from the home side which gained momentum and on 6 minutes as Manchester ventured into Eccles’ half, Luke broke through and his pace couldn’t be met and fed Matt who was able to touch down before being tackled, Tom Waring kicking for the injured Aaron slotted his kick through the uprights, 7-0.

Connor was warming up to take on The Coloseum.

Nick had decided to leave the Intensity by Nick fragrance campaign and now had his new idea for extreme sports ‘ Speed Ironing’ as he ordered Eccles to Press Faster.

Manchester reacted well, pressuring Eccles in their own half but good line out won by Dave Hargreaves and great drive by Eccles put the visitors on the back foot.  Quick ball out through the backs put Matt through and with Ross Eaton over and the try line in view looked to score but was too slow to give and Eccles were denied.

Quick ball again saw Luke feed Joe Whizz who scored under the posts giving Tom W an easy conversion.  14-0.

The slippery Joe was involved again bringing Ross into play who’s speed and mazy run with a step inside and pass to Curt was a flash back to his dad (Tim’s) playing days… except for the mazy run… and the speed and step inside… oh and the pass… but Manchester were back in numbers to stop the attack.

The ref had found his whistle and kept letting everyone know but finally blew for half time just as Connor set himself to take on The Spanish Steps.

HT 14-0


Eccles pressured again in the first moments of the second half, Joe Whizz was involved again but was tackled, however Billy supported well and dodged through with a turn of pace that not only stunned the Manchester defence but also his team mates, so much so Tom W missed his kick.  19-0

Manchester were camped in the Eccles half as was Connor at the Trevi Fountain but were unable to make the possession count as Eccles’ defence held up well.  Danny was sin binned but even he doesn’t know why so we told him it was like a substitution but without bringing anyone on!  The home side won a line out in their own half and a Luke run relieved the pressure but he was too quick and no one to back up.

Quick ball out found Sam on the wing but the final ball was a forward fling.. sorry pass.  Scrum won by Eccles again and Tom Waring dummied to create an opening like the gates to the Vatican, which incidentally is were Connor is, and dived in.  Tom kicked 26-0.

The kick off was caught well by Billy who stood his ground even as two Manchester forwards moved in.

Tom Waring kicked deep into the visitors half to find touch again relieving any pressure, from which line out and resulting drive lined up Tom W again who exploited the gaps to fall over the line.  He got to his feet to kick, 33-0

It was good to see Lenny back who was in for the absent Connor who would rather view the Sistine Chapel than take on fifteen chaps! (I should get paid for this stuff!)

Lenny tackled well and a Harry run through fed Sam but was tackled as he sped down the wing.

Luke had borrowed Billy’s boots and his quick feet and quick thinking ran the ball home again to add to the score and Tom converted 40-0.

Simon has no worries this winter as he couldn’t catch a cold allowing the ball to slip through his hands and Lenny was obviously tiring and decided to have a sit in the sin bin for being too keen trying to grab the ball and the centres boot.

In the dying moments the ball was out to Ross who showed a clean pair of heels to run the ball home, Tom W was still laughing a Ross’s attempted knee slide so missed his kick.

FT 45-0

Good solid performance to run in 7 tries and holding out not allowing Manchester a chance to score, Joe Wisdom was again classy and Tom Waring added 20 points on his own but the man of the match was Connor Bates for his re-enactment of Julius Caesar’s Conquer of the Roman Empire.


Match Report Jason Eaton…..