Gorton Street                 23.02.14 – 2.00pm k.o.     Att: 39


Dave Bates had arranged this friendly against Widnes, one to give Eccles young guns a game and secondly to show off his new walk recently purchased from eBay and was harping back to the good ole days when he was last on the first team pitch…. When he was a water boy!

Eccles who were thin on the ground and opted for youth bringing in James and Brom! Kicked from left to right except Lenny who plays both ways!!

Widnes kicked off but Shaun’s catch like his short’s waist band was above his head… A scrum followed which was a little lob sided as the Widnes prop was a big lad who looked like he had eaten another lad..! The feed from Matt Pass rolled out of the Widnes end but he quickly pounced on the loose ball fed Lewis but he couldn’t see a way through.

James’ kick over the top found touch just metres from the away line and Eccles duly won the line out keeping up the pressure.  They may be outweighed and out sized in the scrum but not out thought as Eccles won the scrum deep in opposition territory the ball out too quick for Widnes, Lenny in the middle of the attack, Harry broke through flimsy defence and fed Ben who was held up before placing the ball down.  Moments later the ball out wide again to Connor but his hand was in touch, usually its in his dad’s pocket!!

The first 10 minutes was all Eccles and they finally made the advantage pay, the ball went from one wing to the other finding Ross supported by Curt who showed Connor how its done to put the home sides first points on the board.  James failed to add to this as his kick was like the Widnes front row.. wide.  5-0

Widnes had an immediate chance to get back into this but when the ball was put through hands they failed to use the overlap and Eccles stemmed the attack.

Eccles won another line out and used their strength to gain ground, Lenny broke from the mawl to feed Dave Hargreaves who saw the gap but play was brought back for some over excited Widnes players who wanted to dance… sorry fight.

Lewis ran down the kick out from Widnes giving the momentum back to the home side and on the half hour mark James kick through went dead before the on running winger Ross could catch it.  However the kick out for the game to continue was caught by full back Matt and as the call for play on by the official rang out Matt ran the ball home… was it a try? Was it a scrum? What was the score? Who am I? Even James needed reassurance of what was going on…  I had to check my diary and yes I am definitely at a rugby match this afternoon.  HT 5-0 (I think)

Eccles lost a line out allowing Widnes a run at their defence but a fumbled ball and a clearance kick from the resulting scrum relieved any slight pressure.

Eccles were struggling to make possession and territory pay, line out lost on the 5m line and Jordan held up on the line but eventually they found a way through, quick ball and rather than out of his usual colouring book but straight from the Dave Bates coaching hand book Brom sliced through the Widnes defence to dive home (I say dive but more like the big girl from TOWIE on Tom Daly’s Dive show)  James kicked 12-0.

Now something happened, maybe the shock of Brom’s dive but Eccles switched off… A line out on their own 5m line Eccles failed to clear and Widnes found men and gaps to go over in the corner.  Great kick from the line 12-7.

You would have expected Eccles to be on their toes for the remaining few minutes but from the kick Widnes were allowed to run back through unchallenged, conversion missed 12-12.  As Eccles tried to re-establish their lead yards from the Widnes line a Joe Whizz pass was intercepted and ran back the full length only to be foiled by Matt feet from the line but Widnes backed up well to take the lead and win.  Kicked 12-19.


Due to the normal standards set by Eccles no one came out of the game with their heads held high so no man of the match award….


Match Report Jason Eaton…