Eccles 4th 71 v Bury 3rd 0 14/12/2013

The 4ths went try crazy running in eleven in total against spirited opponents who never gave up but were no match for the superior pace of the home side. Bury arrived one man short but Eccles evened up the numbers though not the quality with the loan of player. The first half was a very competitive affair but any loose ball was eagerly seized upon by Eccles who used it to devasting effect .Early tries from Chez and Fitzgerald exploiting gaps in visitors defence settled Eccles into an attacking rhythm found hard to contain. Further tries Bentley and Rice saw the fourths 24-0 ahead at the interval. The second half eventually became a procession of tries as the sheer pace of the continual Eccles counter attacks and a number of injuries to visitors (necessitating further reinforcements from the home ranks) took its toll on Bury who nonetheless made the fourths work for each score .The quality of passing and movement from all the backs was excellent with debutant at centre Gary Cockrun making many a powerful burst and grabbing a try to boot .It was fitting that a back should claim man of the match but it too close to call between Connor McKinney and Steve Lillee who impressed with pace and power so shared the accolade. Despite all this praise for the backs the forwards with Dave (fez) Fereday making a comeback from beyond the mists of time and old plastic kneesStuart Smith who bagged a pair of tries set up the platform for victory. The final roll call of try scorers was Smith 2 Cockrun 1 Harrison 1 Fitzgerald 1 Bartlett 1 Bentley 2 Jones 2 Rice 2 Lillee 1 .This is the pantomime season so it was apt that we had a moment of knockabout fun involving our favourite panto villain forward Willy Dore who deep in his own half fielded a punt then just stopped still .The onrushing tackler ran to within 5 metres of Willy then too ground to a halt bemused by what was occuring (had the whistle been blown? was Willy about to kidnapped by aliens ? no he was just taking forty winks ) causing both teams to seemingly freeze in time for ten seconds before a magic switch sprang them back to life. No muffin of the game was awarded as no player committed a faux pas to be worthy so instead we wiil Leonard will have a honorary one for being lippy before the match and tardy with the tea afterwards causing it to arrive one degree below optimum drinking temperature .