Eccles 4th 7 v Didsbury Toc H 4th 38 12/12/2015

Once more the Black Pig ventured onto the high seas on day it was better to stay in port for it was blacker than Bluebeards heart and the rain relentless. The pirate crew could be not described as youthful having the barnacled Stuart Smith ,Andy Davies.,Paddy Ward, Andy Coop, Mark Plumbridge and a rare appearance from captain Paul Newton on duty whilst having 2 debutantes in Darren Mann (playing his first ever game of rugby ) and Adam Warburton .Despite these available resources the 4ths still had to have the welcome offer of 2 players from the opposition to up the squad to 14 men.In  dreadful conditions the 4ths provided stern resistance to the Toc forays  and did well to only leak 3 tries in the first half to trail 17-0 .The second half again saw the 4ths battle hard and indeed the match turned a more than a little feisty as Captain Chaos can testify going off shaken and stirred with a couple of blows to the bonce and a split lip to boot. Two tries lengthened the Toc lead as both sides now resembled creatures from the black lagoon .Late into the match Eccles were stopped just short in try scoring bid only for the visitors to race to score instead and add another for good measure but with time running out and another player Connor Fry off injured Mann burst through to score on his debut with Sam Delaney converting to at least reward a fine effort from the Eccles players .Thanks to opposition once more for the loan of players and to gutsy display of the fourths so no award of Blind Pugh which can be bestowed were it truly lies.The Jolly Roger a difficult choice but pass  it on to Smithy dragged in to play scrum half   and by the end he was so cold and bones creaking I thought it was the sound of a galleon breaking up in the brook.Button boy was Mark Plumridge edging out Jason Davies for putting his hand up and digging in though have take the award on terra firma as the masthead would been far too slippery.