Eccles 4th 5 v Chorley 2nd 10 29/11/2014

The fourths took a break from league action to take on a strong looking side from Chorley in the second round of the cup in turned out to be a close encounter right to the final whistle. The match was one for the purists (diehards really) as the game echoed the gloomy conditions resembling trench warfare occasionally lit up with flashes of individual skill. The sides spent the first twenty minutes trying to game the upper hand without success as both defences proved to be unbreachable .Chorley finally broke the deadlock scoring right the try line after a close range penalty driven over by their forwards. Having spent most of the match in their own half Eccles quickly hit back as debutant Pete Cowell having an impact at number 8 powered through the visitors defence
to level matters with a well deserved try . That seemed to rattle Chorley for they transgressed once to often at the rucks to bag two yellow cards in rapid succession though Eccles could not advantage
during their absence either side of half time. The second half offered more of the same hard graft and honest endeavour but little to enthuse the spectator with the deadlock not broken until ten minutes from time .The tie breaker came in bizarre circumstances as a Chorley kick ahead rolled into the Eccles in goal area the attempt kick dead by fullback James Bushby hit the corner flag and rebounded back into play with visitors winger winning the scrabble to touchdown. Eccles mounted a furious assault on the Chorley line for the remaining minutes but to no avail. A good effort by the fourths to contain a strong running side with solid defence throughout but could have even have won if the ball had been spread out wide instead being cut back through the middle.The Jolly Roger pennant went to Pete Cowell not only for the try but his nonstop driving forward in a pack which worked tirelessly with good effort from Andy Coop . Blind Pugh unluckily goes to James Bushby for that bizarre episode for the second Chorley try he has more chance of hitching a ride on the back of an albatross than that occurring again.