Eccles 4th 30 v Didsbury Toc H 4th 19 21/03/2015

This fixture was a feisty affair at Toc and the return proved no different it was hard fought with crunching tackles from the opening minutes and just as committed in the final seconds.Eccles got off to the worst possible start with the visitors regathering the kick off which might have just made the ten metre line and for the next five minutes could not get their act together allowing Toc to capitalise on a gap in the defence to touchdown .The fourths settled down and period of pressure saw Nick Aiyegbusi muscle his way over for a try but Eccles were still far from convincing being too eager to ship the ball on resulting a missed pass being snapped up by Toc finishing in second try for the visitors.Both sides had chances in a passage of play which resembled a match of days gone by in terms of the style of rucking !!! but it was Eccles who finished the half stronger with 3 strong phases ending with Andy Waring scoring at the bottom of driving maul before Aiyegbusi went over for second after a ruck to leave the fourths 15-12 ahead at the half time. Bosun Smith elucidated what was required and where the match would be won and the fourths responded by piling on the pressure but were disrupted by yellow card for Andy Waring for alledged offence (he was not guilty nor anyone else more to do with suggestive power of the visitors) .However it came back to bite them as under pressure panicky pass was latched onto by Sam Vincent who duly scored .The fourths now playing well in the forwards snatched another try a third for Aiyegbusi from a steal from their opponents line out.Unfortunately Eccles who were unable to land a conversion in the entire match still did not have the match won having to work hard despite adding a second try by Andy Waring from a well executed drive from a set scrum .A second yellow card this time to debutant Joel Bruton who just come on and lasting little longer than Steven Gerard re energised the visitors who with a converted try narrowed the deficit to a tantilising 11 points.Though Eccled endured a few scary moments the visitors could erode the advantage leaving the fourths deserving winners. The first half was too loose and uncontrolled but the second a much more structured in robust and physically demanding match . Their debuts for Lewis Knight and Brady with a host of rerurning matelots Pete Jones , Anthony McNALLY, Andy Waring , Craig Rees and Dan Thomas .Blind Pugh was awarded to Bruton for his saint and sinners debut whilst the Jolly Roger went despite the try scoring efforts of Aiyegbusi and Waring went to Dom Maher and Tom Shaw who made good yardage in the match .