Eccles 4th 0 v Stockport 4th 29 19/12/2015

This weeks voyage of the Black Pig was nearly a repeat of Hitler’s attempt to cross the channel but eventually it limped out  like a cork on the storm tossed seas for the original squad had been whittled down to just 8 hardy souls .There was not much experience in the “squad” apart from press ganged Willy ” I am a changed man” Dore for one player Brian Williams it was novel debut a footballer with absolutely no rugby past smooth talked into playing by “friend” Tony Hudson .The good offices Stockport came to the rescue with the loan of four players to a match could take place .With some many unfamiliar faces it was no surprise that a lot of the fourth team was a bit off the cuff with mistakes arising but no doubt about the effort and commitment .The loss of Chris Martinos with turned  ankle due to a pot hole (blame the moles) on his first game back from injury disrupted matters as another Stockport sub took his place .12-0 down at half time was an excellent effort from the makeshift 4ths line up who continued to beaver away in the second half only conceding 3 more tries . So well done to the few Dom Maher .Darren Mann and Jason Davies to those not already mentioned with despite a late slip from his alleged change man persona scrum half Dore the Jolly Roger . No Blind Pugh again but Button Boy goes to Williams who stuck in the forwards in the first half was a lost a the Spanish Armada but in the second in the backs ran strongly and with purpose