Eccles 4 th 53 v Manchester Medics 2nd 17 28/02/2015

The fourths entertained the Medics having lost the previous four encounters (they were not even close ones) hoping to redress the balance and found the visitors had only come with 11 players . Spurning the offer of evening up the teams meant 12 against 11 in favour of Eccles but perversely a possible advantage to visitors in space and speed in view of their being young and fleet students. Eccles made full use of their forwards a took the lead through Mark Plumbridge and then extended it with the first from Nick Aiyegbusi however the students hit back on the counter with a quick double of their own to lead 12-10 . This mini wobble was soon steadied as Eccles went back to basics and Aiyegbusi crashed for his second with Sam Vincent converting before the try of match as hooker Sean Baines finished a slick move by keeping in play to dive over in the corner to leave Eccles 22-12 ahead at the interval. Aiyegbusi ran in for his hatrick after the restart as the visitors reverted to passive scrimmaging !!!!!! . Sam Vincent slipped through for a further try but a long effort from the students kept their hopes alive . A fourth from Aiyegbusi snuffed out that threat and Riddick Manaya added one more at the death. A much better team effort with the harrying and back up preventing the visitors from playing a glorified game of sevens . Obvious mention to Nick for his four tries and contributions from Tom Shaw, Andy Davies Joe and dad Gary Hamer but the Jolly Roger Pennant and MMOM (mums man of the match) went Sean Baines for his first ever try at any level at Eccles. Blind Pugh went to Sam Vincent who had trouble finding those” white sticks” only kicking two