Eccles 3rd 7 v Bury 3rd 61 28/10/2017

The 3rd team struggles continue as availability and injuries are taking their toll so forming  the bare 15

into a team for the visit of Bury  provided a conundrum .The forwards reasonably easy the rest with no half backs
and 4 wingers, a forward and a geriatric to in the mix challenging .However the team started strongly matching the visitors but couple
of lapses saw Bury 14-0 ahead .The early loss of Kev Wilson made the task harder more so when the Quill seeing acres of space miscued
his kick horribly and Bury gathered and scored . Mea culpa as Mr Coop wondered if that would make the match report !! and then was chuffed as
he caught up with a back to prevent a break until somebody ? (sour grapes never) pointed he was only redeeming  his own error .A Bury yellow card for a high tackle gave temporary parity in numbers but two more injuries saw Eccles down to 12 at the interval (0-28)  .Reece James arrived at this juncture to pit some pep into the back line but a quick try extended the Bury lead.A  controversial score followed as Nic Hageman chased back with an opponent to prevent a try both dived neither connected but the arbiter 10 mts behind my 20mts vantage point awarded the try. Bury exploited the spaces to add more tries (0-61) before late on two of the injuries limped back on and for last 10 mins Eccles pounded the Bury line and were rewarded when Matt Jackson plunged over with James converting .A physically bruising encounter with Bury always on top but a 100% effort from all those players that turned out  with  the  numbers of tackles and drives astronomical .A battling effort from Paul Thornley, Andy Davies, Andy Coop,
Anthony Dutta ,Matt Dickinson, John Brookes, Dave Cusick ,Matt Jackson, Nic Hageman, Zac Donlan, Kev Wilson  Jason Davies ,Connor Fry,Ben Hogan and Reece James