Eccles 3rd 54 v Rochdale 4th 0 04/02/2017

The 3rds won this rearranged league fixture by a good margin to stay fourth in the table but the score did scant justice to the visitors as seemed a much closer match throughout. Early on the 3rds gave away too many silly penalties to make an impact before the forwards found way through with a series of drives from Dave Cusick sneaked over to score followed by a Jack Weaver making good ground switching to Ben Prince who broke through the line to touchdown with Reece James converting both efforts (14-0) .On 25mins a Rochdale attack broke down Riddick Manaye seized the ball made good yardage before Wes Harrison backing up weaved his way through to the sticks (21-0) . Rochdale almost scored but Reg Holt covered back with a saving tackle and right on half time after series of penalties Adam Austin too a quick one to solo away to the corner (28-0) .Apart from John Brookes being held up over the line that was the only instance in the first 25 minutes that Eccles entered the visitors half as Rochdale pounded the home line which somehow held firm .The last 15 minutes must have appeared surreal to Rochdale as they still dominated territorially but Eccles did all the scoring first Wes broke out from the home 22 and Jack Weaver completed the move with a try soon followed by one from Reece weaving his way through and then adding his sixth conversion (42-0) .A good angle saw Riddick break the line to add a try to the total with Sam Thompson converting and on the last play Nick Hageman scooted in to finish the day (54-0). A good all round display with eight different scorers though some of passing was wayward to say the least ( discounting Gary at scrum half whose selection always keeps the recipient on his toes) with Reece edging Will Parky for the most outrageous and Dave Cusick taking maestro of the match.