Eccles 3rd 41 v Bury 3rd 5 18/02/2017

The 3rds achieved a league double against the visitors who having predominately forwards in their squad set up a game plan in accordance and dominated possession in the opening 15 minutes but without success whereupon a turnover saw the ball fed to stand Danny Holland who stepped between two defenders to race away under the posts to score and then add  the conversion (7-0).A 30m forward surge from Riddick Manaye gained good ground before a line out saw swift movement across the line and fullback Steve Bagnall broke through to touchdown .(12-0). Wes Harrison threatened with a long touchline run but rest of the half saw Eccles negating Bury’s close order forward attacks with solid and aggressive defence ..10mins into the second half a sweeping move created space out wide and Tom Shaw outpaced the cover to score and Danny added the extras (19-0) .It was the turn of the other wing debutant Dale Thompson  on 15mins  to speed 30m to score in the corner .A missed Bury penalty goal shot was carried back to the their 22 but the ball was lost and countered back into the home 22 where a conceded penalty saw Bury score in the corner.We then saw the introduction of the Smiths alas lacking Johnny Marr just dad Stuart (Phoenix from the flames ) and lad Steve who proceeded to try and outsmithy each other.On 25min after a ruck a loose ball was latched on by Riddick who raced through to touchdown and Danny converting(31-5)  Into last quarter after a scrum saw Wes cut back inside to eventually feed Tom who raced down the wing before cutting in between the cover to score a smart try.A tap from the home 22 saw a break which ended with Riddick stopped 3m from the line and then Rory McGrath went close with solo run before good hands saw Reg Holt fly into the corner for his maiden try .In the last minute a break from halflway by Rory saw him “scoring” only for the referee to rule he had been tackled inches short -harsh !!!.A great effort from the team who blunted the Bury plan with solid defence thus enabling the superior backline to apply the cutting edge In addition to Dale Nick Tait made his debut plus Paddy Bradshaw appeared from the ether to make a telling contribution as did the entire squad making maestro of the match nigh impossible but Danny Holland squeaked it .In the I don’t believe section is John Brookes who did not elicit a single rebuke from the referee left that to Tom (got question every decision) Wilson