Eccles 3rd 35 v Bury 2nd 5 5/03/2016

The 3rds produced a much improved display holding the upper hand for most of the match deserving the scoreline which could have been greater. Eccles had an early boost as a neat break from Lee Murphy was finished off in style by Bagnall whoo throughout the game had too much pace for the opposition.Tom Shaw converted and though Eccles dominated possession Bury heavily reliant on forward play did ask questions but found no way through a hard tackling defence .A yellow card for Nick Ayiebusi for an unsafe tackle caused a minor disruption for the home side but he made amends for he scored almost immediately from cooling his heels in the sin bin to weave through the Bury defensive line (admittedly some poor tackle attempts) to touchdown with Shaw converting.The try of the match followed with a crossfield break from deep within his own half from Mike Lewin carried by Craig Wells who fed Bagnall who flew down the flank to score with Shaw again on target for the extras. The 21-0 half time lead provided a good cushion but the team were encouraged to up their performance .A period of pressure saw the ball worked through to the phases to right until Dave Bates flicked the ball inside (says he mean’t it) to Wells worked his way left into the 22 passing on to Leonard Huntley who managed get over near the posts .Talking of encouragement maybe not the best  was from captain  “Tank ” on the touchline taking a breather with his comment “they are coming to get you” to Murphy as he attempted to field a high up and under as you may imagine he dropped it might have been just a coincidence ! . Dave Bates made a better attempt holding a poor pass below his knees !!!!! so that secret Chinese medicine must be doing the trick. Baggers had visions of grabbing his hat trick as  he made a 50 metre break from  under his own posts before be stopped .Over embellishment of move led to the ball being dropped and Bury the seized the opportunity to finally break the home line to score .A knock on into tough by Bury well in the home half saw the 3rds opt for a scrum provoking comments from the visitors supporters “they must fancy their chances” indeed they did as Huntley picked up at eight burst through when stopped Connor Bates carried pressing forward before passing out to Jason Davies on the win to race in for first 3rd team try. Shaw slotted over the conversion to make it a perfect 5 out of 5 attempts. On the day the defence was excellent whilst the passing with the slipply ball notwithstanding veered from to rushed to superb .Eccles always carried the  greater threat with much more pace and speed than Bury and negated the forward intentions of their pack but could had scored more points with a steadier approach and better use of the space created