Eccles 2XV vs Chorley 29-12

With injuries and absentees to Eccles 1st XV it meant that well deserved promotions were made to some of the 2nd XV players, who have been key to their strong start so far.  This meant that again the 2’s were left with a depleted squad.  However, thanks to Eccles’ strength across all 4 squads this year, suitable replacements were ready to step in leaving them still with a strong squad.  A special thanks to Aaron Booth and Lenny Huntley, who both represent the senior colts, making the first appearance for Eccles 2nd  XV.  A strong performance from both players on an occasion that can be daunting and overwhelming for many.

The game started slow with Eccles having most of the possession.  However they struggled to get any real momentum going and play their usual game.  This wasn’t for the lack of trying, and despite motivation to do so from Pete Lillie, Lewis Cooke and Chris “Captain Marvel” Wilson (his words) Eccles struggled to get into a rhythm.  This was mainly due to good play by Chorley and their intent on disrupting play as much as possible.  As new comers to the league they were clearly determined to make an impression and make life difficult for one of the stronger teams in the league the previous year.

With the forwards struggling, a change in tactics was decided and the backs were given the chance to show what they can do.  With almost a whole new backline including promotion from the 3rds for Sam “the gyppo” Thompson, Ryan “Balotelli” Chattington and the return of Jimmy McGuigan at full back, the crowd were dubious as to if they would gel or not.  Fortunately they did and with some wonder kicking in open play from MOM Aaron Booth to make great ground up the field, the backs were able to run riot and score the tries they needed.  It’s a shame Aaron can’t relay his skills in kicking to pint downing and cake eating.

The tries were opened by Ryan on the wing, followed with two by Jimmy and wrapped up by Captain Marvel and Eccles won a hard fought game 4 tries to 2.  With 3 conversions and a penalty from Jimmy (also unlucky with a drop goal hitting the post) the final score was 29-12.

I would like to take this time to apologise for the lack of detail, if anything is in the wrong order or if I have left anybody out.  However after another successful annual Oktoberfest, the events of Saturday (including the day time) are a little hazy and are more an obscure montage of memories.