Eccles 2XV vs Blackburn 80-0


After a first win on the road last week, the 2s were back at Gorton Street to face Blackburn and were determined to pick up where they left off up in Lancaster.

After a tough first 20 minutes, Eccles finally broke through with Tommo cutting a clever line on the halfway to find the gap, draw the fullback and then slip to Jimmy Mac, who had a very impressive return to the Eccles fold, to run in for the first try of the day.  This was a pattern that was repeated many times throughout the game, with the awareness of the Eccles half backs providing Tommo and ‘Good Looking’ Gareth with plenty of opportunities to rip through the midfield and great support running from the likes of Jimmy, Sandy Brunt and Chris Wilson amongst others.

The Eccles pack provided a solid platform, with dominance in the set pieces keeping the Blackburn defence on the back foot, which allowed the free flowing back line the space and time to perform.  This, doubled with Gareth remembering how to catch midway through the half, enabled Eccles to rack up six tries in the first period alone.

Taking advantage of the depth of talent in the team, Eccles were able to call on the likes of Lee Brennand, Matt Parkinson and Craig Fagan on his debut, who all made a great impact off the bench.  A further six tries were scored in the second period, including a third for Gareth Lewis, meaning the final score was a massive 80-0, setting a new record for the senior squad this season.

Overall, great organisation and communication in both attack and defence set the foundations for this performance and even though there were several players who got on the score sheet, it was truly a team performance, with everyone from 1-18 playing their part in this memorable win.

With a tough game to come against Bolton next week and a lot of competition for shirts, it is vital that those wishing to be considered make it down to training this week in order to keep making selection a nightmare for Stu and Tommo.