Eccles 2XV 17 – 37 Bolton 2XV 

Saturday 13th January 2017


06 mins PENALTY Bolton (missed)

11 mins PENALTY Bolton 0-3

24 mins PENALTY Bolton (missed)

37 mins YELLOW Eccles (Wells)

38 mins TRY Bolton; converted 0-10

HT 0–10

42 mins TRY Bolton; converted 0-17

53 mins TRY Eccles (M Parkinson); converted (N Newlove) 7-17

59 mins TRY Bolton; converted 7-22

65 mins TRY Bolton; 7-29

68 mins PENALTY Bolton 7-32

70 mins TRY Eccles (D Ayanlaja); 12-32

74 mins TRY Eccles (M Nombela); 17-32

82 mins TRY Bolton; 17-37

FT 17-37


Eccles 2 kicked off, unsuccessfully, resulting in a scrum on the half way line for Bolton, who used it as a platform to keep the ball inside Eccles territory for the opening 15 minutes. Eccles defended resolutely, but sustained attacking pressure from Bolton lead to sequence of 3 penalties for the visitors, one which was successfully kicked; 0-3. 20 or so minutes elapsed before Eccles succeeded in moving play up field, securing possession from a promising line out position 12m from the Bolton line, only to fumble the ball on exit. Approaching the end of the first half, Eccles prop Morrissey leaves the pitch with a head injury and Bolton regained the attacking momentum through their centre, who broke through a scattered defence. His progress to the try line is halted by Eccles Centre Wells, who received a yellow card. From the resulting penalty 5m out, Bolton score their first Try to the right of the posts and convert the kick. Eccles attempt to respond with the captain collecting a loose ball and breaking up the left wing but the attack lacks supporting numbers and the referee brings the half to a conclusion. HT 0-10

Similar to last Saturday, the Eccles 2nds fail to begin the second half well. Within 2 minutes of the restart Bolton score their second Try through their flying fullback, under the posts; 0-17. Undeterred, Eccles work rate and determination increases. U18 Colt Damola Ayanlaja breaks through the middle, knocking several Bolton defenders aside like skittles sparking a revival in Eccles attacking threat. Strong running from Costain, Wells and Murphy continues to build the pressure on the visitors. With 50 minutes played Eccles mount a cohesive attack with Hesseltine making an incisive break through the centre, powering across the pitch to the left corner; the forwards flood up in support; the drive is continued by Higgingbottom, Ayanlaja and Roper but the attack is stopped just short of the try line; half backs Waring and Newlove quickly swing the ball towards the opposite flank where Parkinson scorches in to score to the right of the posts; converted by Newlove, 7-17. Eccles were back in the game which took on an end-to-end characteristic.     Eccles pressed to reduce the deficit further – Bolton counter-attacked down the left and with a terrific offload in the tackle from winger to supporting fullback, Bolton scored under the posts; 7-24. Eccles attack again and loose Hesseltine with an arm injury – Bolton counter attack and blitz through to score a fourth try close to the posts. Eccles respond, Wells surges through and is tackled just short of the try line on the right; the ball is shifted across the pitch for Damola to finish with a fine try in the left corner. His positive contribution does not end there; minutes later he charges up the left wing, bulldozing through several challengers and looks through for his second try, only to loose his footing evading a diving last ditch tackle. Eccles continue to play with renewed belief. Davies is tackled short of the try line on the right but once again, with good supporting numbers, Eccles probe for a opportunity in the Bolton defence and Nombela smashes through for a Try. Eccles loose Pickford to an eye injury in the melee. Minutes later Eccles are back on the attack battering away at the Bolton defence in front of their posts which results in Nombela leaving the field with a leg injury. Bolton hold out and halt the late Eccles fight back with a late try of their own.  FT result 17-37.

Another disappointing home defeat for the Eccles 2s, who played with more purpose and conviction in the second half but left themselves too much to do. The lead that Bolton established in the first half was never closed. When Eccles showed more urgency, alertness, aggression and commitment to the break down and supporting attacks they scored points. Four injuries contributed to Eccles 2s problems, ensuring a full bench was essential and physio Janey was busier than the M60.


1. S. Cork

2. D. Roper

3. N. Morrisey

4. S. Griffin

5. J. Gaffey

6. J. Bromley

7. M. Nombela

8. C. Higgingbottom

9. J. Waring

10. N. Newlove

11. A. Davies (c)

12. C. Wells

13. P. Hesseltine

14. M. Parkinson

15. L. Murphy.

16. K. Pickford

17. L. Costain

18. D. Ayanlaja

Tries: M Parkinson, D Ayanlaja, M Nombela

Conversations: N. Newlove 1

Cards: C Wells (yellow)