Eccles 1st 17 – Aspatria 21

Alas the Eccles all round performance of last week was not to be repeated in the first round of if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link137″).style.display=”none”;} the National Intermediate Cup against league rivals Aspatria.

The game started with both sides playing by the numbers and Eccles stuck in their own half.  It was therefore no surprise to see the visitor’s centre break through the middle of the Eccles defence to run in a soft try which was converted.

Aspatria kept up the pressure and wasted an easy penalty kick to extend their lead.  Then with their first venture into the visitor’s 22, Eccles were rewarded with a Nick Spooner try, converted by Danny Holland.  With the scores level, Eccles tried their best to make a mess of the restart putting themselves under pressure due to a lack of concentration.  Eccles then proceded to make matters worse by giving the visitors as much chance as possible to retain the lead by giving the ball away far too cheaply.  However despite their erratic performance, a good period of play by the Eccles team was rewarded on the stroke of half time with a Danny Holland penalty.

Half time score 10 – 7.

Eccles then started the second half with a bang and a spell of strong attacking rugby resulted in Gregg Wilson scoring a try which Danny Holland again converted.

With a comfortable lead to build on all looked well for the home team.  Alas the fates had other ideas as the Eccles tram started to go right off the rails.  With the wind to their backs Eccles tried to play the game in their own half and were punished when possession was lost in a tackle and the loose ball was picked up by the visitors to score another converted try.

Eccles gave all the appearance of being stuck in a rut and again the visitors took advantage to score yet another converted try from a catch and drive.  Eccles then proceeded to not just press the self-destruct button but to hit it with a sledgehammer.  A yellow card for a high tackle saw the home side down to 14 men and gave them a mountain to climb.  But with a few minutes to play the visitors through Eccles a life line by passing the ball dead for an Eccles 5m scrum.

However the Hollywood finish was not to be as the Aspatria defence held firm and the final whistle came with the score standing at 17 – 21.  A cup defeat, however all is not lost as the round robin nature of this cup gives the lads one more chance with an away game at New Brighton.

So with handling errors by people who should know better, missed tackles by people who can do better and a mysterious form of kicking game, next week’s top of the table clash with Bolton looks like a stroll in the park.


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